Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Perfume

Balenciaga Paris L'Essence - eau de parfum for women

Balenciaga Paris L'Essence - "L'Essence is green because it is honest and vibrant, like the rustle of crumpled leaves. But L'Essence is also green as if it were trying to hide the secret of its nocturnal herb scent."

Perfume House   Balenciaga Paris
Introduced September 2011
Tagline --
Scent Classification Green
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes Violet Leaves, Vetiver
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Charlotte Gainsbourg (model), Steven Meisel (photographer)
Available Products Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau de Parfum 1oz, 1.7oz ($95), 2.5oz

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Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Balenciaga fragrances
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau de Parfum
Balenciaga Paris - Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sept 2011
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Balenciaga fragrances
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau de Parfum
Balenciaga Paris - Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sept 2011
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Balenciaga perfumes
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau de Parfum
Balenciaga Paris - Sept 2011

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Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Perfume

It is in the same faceted bottle with simultaneously sharp and soft ribbing. It has a reflective, raw effect, as pure as a sharp-edged jewel, like those dark, sensual necklaces made of haematite, a semi-precious stone from the mists of time, slightly poisonous and highly magnetic.

Scent - Introducing eau de parfum
L'Esssence is impulsive. L'Essence is unambiguous. On the skin, L'Essence is as pure as the searing honesty of short-lived flowers. Violet leaves are like a blast of woodland and their youthful energy stimulates the skin. Violet leaves are unfailingly honest and offer up their exquisite coarseness. Vetiver also takes the upper hand, wild, unruly and incisive... L'Essence engages and dazzles with its modulations.

Source: (May 2012)

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Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Perfume
Marie Claire Magazine - Oct. 2011
Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Perfume

The Insiders
Four famously gorgeous women give us a peek into their private beauty and style stashes. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Actress, singer-songwriter: Balenciaga Paris L'Essence Eau de Parfum, $130. "The contrast between the violet and vetiver notes makes this a darker, more mysterious counterpart to the first Balenciaga scent. This one it totally me!"

("101 Ideas: Beauty Snoop." Marie Claire Oct. 2011: 134.)

NEW - Balanciaga Paris L'Essence a whiff of violet leaves and moss, is as effortlessly cool as Nicolas Ghesquiere's clothes. Women's Scent - $95 to $130, depending on size, Neiman Marcus (
(Devash, Meirav. "Best of Beauty." Allure Oct. 2011: 242, 290-291.)

Scent & Style - "Poisonous and magnetic" is how Nicolas Ghesquiere describes Balenciaga L'Essence, his olfactive homage to the intriguing complexities of Charlotte Gainsbourg. A green fragrance laced with violet leaves and vetiver -- a traditional hallmark of men's eaux de cologne -- it plays with notions of masculinity and femininity, as the lanky Charlotte often does. Inspired by the hematite and pyrite jewelry in Balenciaga's resort collection, the bottle -- an architectural, space-age rendition of a classic flacon -- is pleasingly green, too. -- Cool Confidence: Jewelry from Balenciaga's Resort Collection influenced the bottle design of L'Essence.
(Brown, Sarah. "Beauty - Fragrance: Scent & Style." Vogue Sept. 2011:606-612.)

Woodsy Blend - It has outdoorsy notes like violet leaf and vetiver, but it's sophisticated enough to wear day and night. Balenciaga Paris L'Essence eau de parfum, $95/1.7 oz.; at Neiman Marcus.
("Beauty, Fragrance: Waiting to Inhale." InStyle Sept. 2011: 436.)

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