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Blumarine fragrances: Fashion designer Anna Molinari founded the fashion line of Blumarine in the 1970s in Italy. Bellissima was the first fragrance released in 2009 in partnership with ITF (prior fragrances under Schiaparelli license). Learn more

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Blumarine - perfume and designer

Anna Molinari, Blumarine founder

About Blumarine
Blumarine designer Anna Molinari incorporates a spirit of modern femininity in her creations. This native of Capri, Italy, began her line in 1977 and made her reputation for romantic-yet-edgy looks that are still her hallmark today. She's known fondly as "Italy's Queen of the Roses," an ode to the whimsical florals she often favors. (Source: Jan. 2013)

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Blufin S.p.A. - Via G. Ferraris 13 15 15/A, Capri (MO) Italy, 41012
Tel. +39 059 637511 |

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