Bond No.9 Gold Coast - perfume for women

Gold Coast by Bond No. 9 is a fruity floral feminine fragrance. Celebrating the aroma of "timeless grandeur and youthful vibrancy" this modern rose scent, created by perfumer Michel Almairac, includes top notes of lychee, apricot, and red apple blending into a heart of watermelon, rose essence and rose absolute, with a silky dry down of cedarwood, vanilla, and musk. The iconic Bond No. 9 perfume bottle features a pink metallic finish with silver accents on this latest eau de parfum available in fall 2019.

Bond No.9 Gold Coast
Bond No.9 Gold Coast Eau de parfum
Fruity Floral
Fragrance Notes
Top - Lychee, apricot, red apple
Heart - Rose essence, watermelon, rose absolute
Base - Cedarwood essence, vanilla, musk

Perfumer - Michel Almairac
Launched - September 2019

Bond No.9 Gold Coast - new fragrance details

Celebrating the timeless grandeur and youthful vibrancy of one of the city's most historic neighborhoods. An elegant olfactive ode to old - and new - New York. A soft yet energetic modern rose. Notes: Lychee, Apricot, Red Apple, Rose Essence, Watermelon, Rose Absolute, Cedarwood Essence, Vanilla and Musk."

(Source:, Feb. 2020)

The floral rose eau de parfum spray for Bond No. 9 Gold Coast sells at $410 for 3.4 oz. (Saks Fifth Avenue)

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