Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano - fragrance for women and men

Parco Palladiano by Bottega Veneta - An aromatic fragrance collection for women and men. The Parco Palladiano luxury fragrances are inspired by the gardens of Villa Capra La Rotonda. The six unisex scents were created by perfumers Alexis Dadier, Daniela Andrier, and Michel Almairac. Launched in May 2016, and available in eau de parfum sprays at Bergdorf Goodman and Bottega Veneta boutiques.

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano Fragrance

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano Fragrance

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano - fragrance info

Perfume House Bottega Veneta
Introduced May 2016
Perfumer Michel Almairac
Daniela Andrier
Alexis Dadier
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes Various (see notes below)
Package Design Glass bottle and silver cap with intrecciato pattern with various juice hues.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz / $295

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Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano

"A new collection of fragrances for women and men inspired by the Palladian gardens of the Veneto region of Italy, where Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966. The Palladian gardens of the Veneto, the Republic of Venice, offer a dream of life. Classical architecture merges with landscape to create a perfectly balanced vision, ever evolving as the seasons pass. Designed by sixteenth-century Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, the villas and their gardens continue to inspire today."

Parco Palladiano Collection

BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano I - magnolia, woods, musk, amber - perfumer: Michel Almairac
"A fresh fragrance with floral notes of magnolia in a pale yellow hue. Bark serves as counterpoint, adding long-lasting woody accords."

BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano II - cypress, salt, pink pepper, juniper berry - perfumer: Alexis Dadier
"The dark, energising green hue recalls a shaded spot under a cypress tree. The woody notes are balanced by spicy heart notes of pink pepper."

BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano III - mint, pear, grass - perfumer" Daniela Andrier
"Fruity notes of pear tree create a succulent, enveloping fragrance, energised by refreshing mint accents. The orange-yellow hue evokes an orchard in early Autumn."

BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano IV - azalea, vanilla, chestnut - perfumer: Alexis Dadier
"With its bright, summery yellow hue, the fragrance features a unique blend of azalea and chestnut that creates a velvety and deeply feminine fragrance."

BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano V - rosemary, sage, laurel - perfumer: Daniela Andrier
"A fresh fragrance featuring elaborate aromatic notes. The crisp green hue evokes the powerful image of a tall tree in the late afternoon sun."

BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano VI - wood, rose, peony, cinnamon, sandalwood, cedar - perfumer: Michel Almairac
"Rich notes of rose are blended with woody accords to create a spicy, sumptuous and elegant scent in a delicate shade of pink."

(Source: 06/16)

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano - fragrance editorials

Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano Perfume editorial
Allure - June 2016
Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano

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BOTTEGA VENETA Parco Palladiano IV
This is how summer smells to chic Italian ladies: azalea flowers and chestnuts. $295 for 3.4 ounces.

("Beauty Reporter: Editors' Favorites." Allure June 2016: 44)

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