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Princess Eau Fraiche - perfume

Princess Eau Fraiche by Kilian is a new fresh aromatic solar fragrance for all. The eau fraiche "fresh water" version of the original 2018 Princess Eau de Parfum includes a new top note of bergamot. The heart and dry down notes remain unchanged, with fresh green tea and sugary sweet marshmallow notes. The classic Kilian perfume bottle is updated with a frosted white finish, a pop of red, and luxurious golden accents. Launched in 2023 by The Estee Lauder Companies, the unisex fragrance is available as an eau fraiche spray. The ad campaign features the perfume bottle amid green fruits and puffy marshmallows.

Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche
Fresh Solar
Fragrance Notes
Top notes - Bergamot
Heart notes - Green Tea
Base notes - Marshmallow

Perfumer - Honorine Blanc
Launched - June 2023

The Narcotics: My florals are built like a narcotic dependence. I love to explore the different facets of a flower, specifically those that are unapologetically sensual." -Kilian Hennessy

Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche - new fragrance details

Princess Eau Fraiche
The perfume Princess, Eau Fraîche is part of KILIAN PARIS Narcotics family.

More KILIAN PARIS craftsmanship details:
A lot of attention is put into each bottle of KILIAN PARIS refillable perfume to make them real precious objects. The perfume bottle of Princess Eau FraƮche features cool, white styling in frosted glass and gold-toned detailing upon the signature, art deco-inspired KILIAN PARIS perfume flacon, infinitely rechargeable. It is the quintessential look and feel of fresh.

These details bring to the KILIAN PARIS creation a guarantee of luxury, that should not be ephemeral, but should last a lifetime. That's why this bottle can be refilled indefinitely.

(Source:, July 2023)

Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche

Fragrance Family: Fresh
Scent Type: Fresh Solar
Key Notes: Bergamot, Green Tea, Marshmallow

Fragrance Description
This fresh take on Princess unfolds with a soft marshmallow accord, bright lemon-tinged bergamot, and the herbaceous energy of green tea. Princess Eau Fraiche hits a higher level of fierce femininity with an enticing bergamot opening, adding a cool yet radiant freshness to an iconic, gourmand scent profile. Like a kiss of soft freshness, the lemon-toned fizziness of bergamot flirts with bright green tea and powdery, soft marshmallow.

(Source:, July 2023)

Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche Fragrance Ad Collection

The perfume ad campaign for the new 2023 version of Princess Eau Fraiche showcases the frosted glass Kilian perfume bottle on a bright green backdrop, surrounded by fresh cut bergmot fruit and fluffy white marshmallows dusted with green sprinkles.

Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche Fragrance Collection model Fran Summers

The fresh solar unisex Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche perfume is available in an eau fraiche spray, $120 for 1.7 oz. (Sephora)

The Scent Notes of Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche

What does Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche perfume smell like?
The opening top note features fresh bergmot. This fragrant citrus fruit is typically green in color, similar to a lime, and about the size of an orange. Native to southern Italy, the bergamot orange - or prince's pear - is a probable hybrid of the bitter orange and lemon tree. Juice from a bergmot is described as more bitter than a grapefruit, yet less sour than a lemon. The aroma of bergamot is a fruity citrus with a unique spicy floral undertone, making it a popular top note in perfumery.

The heart is a fresh note crafted from green tea. Originating in China, green tea has a herbaceous, grass-like scent that is pleasant and often described as uplifting.

Princess Eau Fraiche's perfume base is created from marshmallow, a whipped sugary confectionery with a sweet vanilla-like scent.

How does the 2023 Princess Eau Fraiche compare to the 2018 Princess Perfume by Kilian?

Princess Eau Fraiche
Scent - Fresh Solar
Kilian Princess Eau Fraiche 2023 perfume bottle
Top - Bergamot
Heart - Green Tea
Base - Marshmallow
Create by Honorine Blanc
Princess Eau de Parfum
Scent - Gourmand
By Kilian Princess perfume bottle
Top - Ginger
Heart - Green Tea
Base - Marshmallow
Create by Honorine Blanc

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