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Les Epures de Parfum by Cartier is a new trio fragrance collection inspired by the "beauty of living nature." The feminine perfumes include three new eau de toilettes for women. Pur Muguet a striking floral of lily of the valley; Pur Magnolia is a radiant floral citrus fragrance; and Pur Kinkan is a sparkling citrus blend of lemon and kumquat. Launched in March 2020, these fresh spring scents were crafted by perfumer Mathilde Laurent and are housed in the iconic Cartier perfume bottle.

Cartier Les Epures de Parfum
Cartier Les Epures de Parfum
Fragrance Notes
Pur Muguet - Floral - Lily of the valley
Pur Magnolia - Floral Citrus - Citrus, magnolia
Pur Kinkan - Citrus - Kumquat, lemon

Perfumer - Mathilde Laurent
Launched - March 2020

Cartier Les Epures de Parfum - new fragrance details

Les Épures de Parfum
Three invisible pieces of jewelry where purity meets sophistication.

With Les Epures de Parfum, Cartier celebrates the beauty of living nature. A Pur Muguet, a Pur Kinkan, a Pur Magnolia: three ultra-realistic, striking, and vibrant olfactory masterpieces.

Cartier Pur Kinkan Eau de Toilette
A fragrance so light it can be enjoyed before it even touches the skin. The purest form of citrus.

Cartier Pur Muguet Eau de Toilette
A contemporary vision of this historic flower; unprecedented realism that has been pushed to the extreme. Lily-of-the-valley: bare.

Cartier Pur Magnolia Eau de Toilette
A magnolia without romance for a change, as if hanging from a tree, refined with freshness and full of radiance.

(Source: Cartier.com, Sept. 2020)

Cartier Les Epures de Parfum fragrances

The new Cartier Les Epures de Parfum are available in Eau de Toilette sprays, $270 for 2.5 oz. each. (Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus)

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Cartier Les Epures de Parfum - perfume editorials

Harper's Bazaar - Summer 2020
Cartier Les Epures de Parfum

5 Buys for Self Care this Summer

Breathe Deep - But first spritz on one of these lovely transportive scents - sparkling Pur Kinkan, powdery Pur Muguet, or soft and citrusy Pur Magnolia.

CARTIER Les Epures de Parfum, $270 each (cartier.com)

("Beauty: 5 Buys for Self Care This Summer." Harper's Bazaar. August 2020: 49)

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