Radiant Nectar - unisex fragrance

Radiant Nectar by Clean is a new floral musk fragrance for women and men. This fresh scent inspied by mother nature, celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the protection of bees. The fragrance is crafted from juicy pear nectar and sustainably sourced ambrette seeds harvested in El Salvador, blended with orris butter, white cedarwood, and liquid musk. The CLEAN Reserve bottle and eco-friendly packaging is adorned with an illustration of a bee to bring awareness of this endangered species. Available in an eau de parfum spray in 2020.

CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar
CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar - Eau de Parfum
Floral Musk
Fragrance Notes
Top - Pear, ambrette seed
Heart - Orris
Base - White cedarwood, liquid musk

Launched - March 2020

CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar - new fragrance details

Sparkling Pear Nectar captures you instantly. Meanwhile, sustainable Ambrette Seeds create a natural musk that lingers on the skin, met by intoxicating warm Orris Butter, White Cedarwood and Liquid Musk for an addictive dynamic.

In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary in 2020, we're proud to support Earth Day Network to help protect our planet and the bees. Bees may be small, but they are mighty pollinators vital for healthy plants, flowers and ecosystems. For a limited time only, Radiant Nectar will be offered in a limited-edition bottle adorned with a bee to help raise awareness."

(Source: cleanbeauty.com, Mar. 2020)

CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar Fragrance

The eau de parfum spray for Clean Radiant Nectar is available in 3.4 oz. ($98) and 0.34 oz. ($28) at Sephora.

CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar Perfume

Fragrance Editorials - CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar

Elle - April 2020
CLEAN Reserve Radiant Nectar

Beauty - Natural Selection
These innovative eco all-stars deliver big beauty results with minimal impact on the planet.

Clean Beauty Collective Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar, $98

Earth-Friendly Scent
Fragrance is notoriously difficult to formulate in a clean way because phthalates, commonly used to give scents their staying power, are considered potential hormone disrupters (a study published in the journal Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety found that phthalates can end up in streams and turn male fish into females). Clean Beauty Collective formulates its vegan and cruelty-free perfumes without phthalates or parabens - instead using sustainably harvested essential oils and blue beauty - friendly ingredients - and also manufactures its scents in a facility that uses solar power for 80 percent of its energy. Clean Reserve Radiant Nectar, a blend of ambrette seeds, pear nectar, orris butter, tobacco flower, cedarwood, and musk, comes in a glass bottle that is reusable and recyclable, and even the cap is made from sustainable wood.

Green Dictionary
Beauty products that wash down the drain can wind up in waterways, endangering marine life. For example, chemicals found in sunscreens, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, are said to contribute to coral bleaching. Blue beauty can include reef-safe sunscreen and drought-friendly formulas to protect our lakes, rivers, and oceans, as well as their inhabitants.

(Chao, Ning. Anbouba, M. "Beauty: Natural Selection." Elle. April 2020: 100)

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