White Fig & Bourbon - unisex fragrance

White Fig & Bourbon by Clean is a new spicy aromatic fragrance. This bold aromatic perfume with sustainable notes of bourbon vetiver, black pepper, and prune blend with bergamot, dried fruits, magnolia, red tea, white fig, cedar, and papyrus. "Light and deep notes come together in a complex play of opposites" in this spiced aromatic scent for men and women. The latest addition to the Clean RESERVE Avant Garden Collection was launched in February 2019. The classic Clean Reserve perfume bottle features dark wood cap and pale burnt orange tint.

Clean Reserve White Fig & Bourbon
Clean Reserve White Fig & Bourbon - Eau de parfum
Spicy Aromatic
Top notes - Black pepper, dried fruits, Italian bergamot
Heart notes - Red tea, white fig, magnolia blossoms
Base notes - Vetiver bourbon, papyrus, cedarwood

Launched - February 2019
Clean Reserve White Fig & Bourbon Fragrance

Clean Reserve White Fig & Bourbon is available in an eau de parfum spray, $135 for 3.4 oz (cleanbeauty.com).

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