Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet
Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet
Soft Floral
Fragrance Notes
Top notes - Mandarin, spearmint, petitgrain
Heart notes - Orange flower, jasmine sambac, muguet
Base notes - Musk, amber tonic, vetiver

Launched - January 2021

My Happy Baby Bouquet - perfume

My Happy Baby Bouquet by Clinique is a new tender floral fragrance for women. Sparkling notes of mandarin orange, petitgrain, and spearmint are blended into a heart of delicate orange flower petals, jasmine, and lily of the valley with a comforting musk, amber, and vetiver finish. This blissful scent, reminiscent of a warm embrace, is one of the new trio of perfumes launched in the Clinique My Happy fragrance line, a collection of scents designed to wear alone or layer with others to create your own signature aroma. The original Clinique My Happy perfume bottle takes on a pale pink hue in this delicate new scent. Baby Bouquet was released in January 2021 with Indigo Mist and Cookies & Kisses.

Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet Perfume Spray

Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet - new fragrance details

Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet
Blissful like a sleeping baby. Embrace the tenderness of a favorite lullaby. Bright mandarin, a tenderheart of Orange Flower petals and creamy musk. A comforting scent to wear alone or layer.

Baby Bouquet Perfume Spray
Bright mandarin and a tenderheart of orange flower petals.
Style - Tender. Effortless. Soothing.
Notes - Bright mandarin and delicate Orange Flower.

Clinique My Happy - Mix your own memories.
3 new Clinique My Happy scents, all inspired by you. Wear alone, layer, or collect them all. (Jan. 2021)

Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet Fragrance Ad

Baby Bouquet
Bright Mandarin and Orange Flowers

Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet Fragrance

The new soft floral Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet is available in a Perfume spray, $25 for 0.5 oz. at Ulta.

Delicate & Refreshing = Baby Bouquet + Indigo Mist

Clinique My Happy Baby Bouquet Perfume 2021

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