1872 Mandarin - unisex fragrance

1872 Mandarin by Clive Christian is a new citrus aromatic fragrance. This limited edition version of the original Clive Christian 1872 perfume, was reinvented by the original perfumer Patricia Choux, with enhanced notes of Italian mandarin, grapefruit, lime and green accords blending into juniper berries, sweet violet, and Egyptian jasmine with a base of citrus fusion and notes of fresh vetiver. Launched in 2020, this citrusy scent is available in a parfum spray for a limited time.

Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin
Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin
Citrus Aromatic
Top notes - Mandarin, grapefruit, lime, green accord
Heart notes - Jasmine, sweet violet, juniper berries
Base notes - Aromafusion, vetiver

Perfumer - Patricia Choux
Launched - April 2020

Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin - fragrance details

THE ROYAL LOVE STORY - This spring, Clive Christian visits one of the most passionate and famous love stories in history - the everlasting love between Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. A royal love story that is unlike any other, filled with both joy and sorrow, but also, a love story founded the brand that would become Clive Christian.

New limited edition perfumes of two of our most iconic fragrances, inspired by the scent of orange blossom, 1872 Mandarin & X Neroli.

1872 MANDARIN Limited Edition - Citrus, Musky
A vibrant and energetic citrus musk; boasting a 20% perfume concentration and 149 different ingredients for unparalleled complexity and longevity on the skin, this mandarin perfume takes the wearer on a journey through a summers orange grove. Mandarin and green accords meet with aromatic juniper berry delve into sweet violet and a unique citrus fusion which gives longevity to flighty citrus top notes. Launches 1st April 2020

(Source: clivechristian.com, Apr. 2020)

Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin Perfume

The new aromatic citrus Clive Christian 1872 Mandarin fragrance is available in a Parfum spray, $395 for 1.6 oz. (Neiman Marcus).

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