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Davidoff Adventure - eau de toilette for men

Adventure by Davidoff - "Explore the excitement of going to a distant place you've never seen before to grasp a taste for exoticism and feel a rush of emotion you've never felt. Davidoff Adventure is a challenge, to find your limits, and push beyond them, to go your own way, wherever that might take you." --zinodavidoff.com

Perfume House Davidoff
Introduced 2008
Tagline The Thrill of the Unknown
Scent Classification Woody Spicy
Perfumer Antoine Lie
Fragrance Notes Top -- mandarin, bergamot, lemon, mate leaves, black pepper
Heart -- black sesame, pimiento
Base -- cedar, vetiver, white musk
Package Designer Alnoor (designer). Flask shape, clear glass, orange juice, engraved silver top.
Print/TV Campaign Ewan McGregor (model), Steven Klein (photographer)
Available Products Davidoff Adventure - Eau de Toilette 1.7oz, 3.4oz / $60-90
Davidoff Adventure - After Shave, Shower Gel, Deodorant
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Davidoff Adventure fragrance
Davidoff Adventure Fragrance
Davidoff - Ewan McGregor, 2008
Champion Adventure Cologne
Davidoff Adventure Cologne
Davidoff - Ewan McGregor, 2008

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Davidoff Adventure
Eau de Toilette - 50ml, 100ml - An invigorating and addictive fragrance for the modern adventurer - a fresh, spicy and woody composition inviting to faraway escapism.
An addictive fragrance inviting to faraway escapism - vibrant and captivating, Davidoff Adventure explores uncharted fragrance territory. Its fresh spicy woody composition is daring and elemental, inspired by the world's great wildernesses and raw, masculine emotion
Mandarin, lemon and bergamot conjure the sudden freshness of a rain forest after a shower, a cool harmony sharpened by the green energy of maté leaves and the incisive notes of black pepper. In contrast, the warm spices of wild earth - aromatic black sesame and south american pimiento - explode upon the senses in a dramatic burst of color and scent. Exotic woods - virile peruvian cedar wood and elegant vetiver - mingle with robust, powerful white musk in a distinctive dry-down that lingers sensually like the memory of somewhere faraway.
Like an adventurer's flask, the bottle has a sturdy, masculine design, an instinctive form on which sleek silver metal meets the warm glow of the fragrance. Grasped in the hand, it feels like a treasured travel companion, holding the promise of rare sensations, unique experiences. It is encased in a box with the rugged grain of leather, edged by a saddle-stitch motif. Designer: Alnoor.
Source: www.zinodavidoff.com (June 2012)

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