Demeter Lily of the Valley Perfume

Demeter Lily of the Valley - cologne spray for women

Lily of the Valley by Demeter - "A native of Europe, Lily of the Valley is also found all over North America and Northern Asia. Old English legend has it that St. Leonard fought against a great dragon in the woods near Horsham, only vanquishing it after a lengthy mortal combat during which he received grievous wounds, but wherever his blood fell, Lilies of the Valley sprang up to commemorate the desperate fight, and these woods, which bear the name of St. Leonard's Forest to this day, are still thickly carpeted with them. Legend also says that the fragrance of the Lily of the Valley draws the nightingale from hedge and bush, and leads him to choose his mate in the recesses of the glade. Maybe the lovely scent of this delicate flower can do the same for you."

Perfume House Demeter
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Scent Classification Floral
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Fragrance Notes Lily of the valley
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Available Products Demeter Lily of the Valley - Cologne Spray 0.5oz, 1oz, 4oz / $10-39.50
Demeter Lily of the Valley - Shower gel, body oil, body lotion / $11.50-14.50
Demeter Lily of the Valley - Atmosphere spray, diffuser oil / $14-25

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Demeter Lily of the Valley Perfume

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