Spice Blend - fragrance for women and men

Spice Blend by Dior is a new spicy woody fragrance for women and men. Crafted by Dior in-house perfumer, Francois Demachy, this rich scent includes a rum accord blended with notes of Madagascar black pepper, Indonesian nutmeg, Russian coriander, clove, cinnamon, and ginger essence resting on a base of musk and cedar. This smoky oriental scent is housed in the classic La Collection Christian Dior bottle featuring an amber tinted juice. Available as an eau de parfum in early fall 2019.

Christian Dior Spice Blend
Christian Dior Spice Blend - Eau de parfum
Spicy Woody
Fragrance Notes
Top - Rum accord, ginger essence
Heart - Nutmeg, coriander, clove, cinnamon, black pepper
Base - Cedar, musk

Perfumers - Francois Demachy
Launched - September 2019

Christian Dior Spice Blend - new fragrance details

While I don't recall the scent of Bay Rum, that famous lotion, I do remember the bottle in my father's medicine cabinet piquing my curiosity. Spice Blend is the olfactory translation of an exotic image gleaned from my childhood. The warm signature of this fragrance is highlighted by a surprising multitude of intertwining spices in dialogue. Like a gust of wind, Spice Blend leaves us wondering if it fans the fire or cools it down." - François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

(Source: dior.com, Jan. 2020)

Released in 2019, the eau de parfum spray for Dior Spice Blend sells at $220 for 4.25 oz., $320 for 8.5 oz., and $450 for 15 oz. (dior.com)

Christian Dior Spice Blend - Perfume Editorials

Dior Perfume editorial
Allure - Dec 2019/Jan 2020
Christian Dior Spice Blend

Dream Kit - Makeup artist Daniel Martin spills his bag of tricks.

Daniel Martin
He became a household name after he did Meghan Markle's makeup for the royal wedding, but Martin's been working with Hollywood royalty like Julianne Moore and Chloe Sevigny for years. Here, he shares a few of his essentials.

"I'm not a big fragrance person, but Maison Christian Dior Spice Blend makes me feel finished." -Daniel Martin
[Martin is an ambassador for the brand.]

(Suico, Kathleen. "Daniel Martin: Dream Kit." Allure Dec. 2019: 82)

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