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Miss Dior Cherie - eau de parfum for women

Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior - "I designed a fragrance that smells like spring," says Francois Demachy (perfumer). "All the charm of Dior in a fruity chypre fragrance. Italian mandarin essence: A gourmand, fruity note for a sparkling impact. Egyptian jasmine absolute: this symbol of feminine tenderness adds a strong yet delicate touch. Patchouli essence: the emblematic sophisticated signature of Miss Dior Chérie."  --dior.com

Perfume House   Dior (LVMH)
Introduced 2005
Tagline --
Scent Classification Fruity Chypre
Perfumer Christine Nagel
Fragrance Notes Italian Mandarine (top); Egyptian Jasmine (heart); Patchouli (base)
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Natalie Portman (model, 2011), Sofia Coppola(director, 2011), Tim Walker (photographer, 2011);
Maryna Linchuk (model, 2010)
Available Products Miss Dior Cherie - Eau de Parfum 1oz / $59, 1.7oz / $75, 3.4oz / $95
Miss Dior Cherie - Perfumed Body Lotion 6.8oz / $46
Miss Dior Cherie - Perfumed Shower Gel 6.8oz / $44

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Miss Dior Perfume Natalie Portman 2012
Miss Dior Eau de Parfum
Dior - Natalie Portman, Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2012
Miss Dior Perfume
Miss Dior Perfume
Dior - Cosmopolitan, Apr 2012
Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Cherie
Miss Dior Cherie, Eau de Parfum - Dior
Dior - Natalie Portman, Cosmopolitan Apr 2011 (front)
Natalie Portman for Miss Dior Cherie, Dior fragrances
Miss Dior Cherie, Eau de Parfum - Dior
Dior - Natalie Portman, Cosmopolitan Apr 2011 (back, scent strip)
Miss Dior Cherie, Dior fragrance
Miss Dior Cherie, Eau de Parfum - Dior
Dior - Elle, Dec 2010 (Maryna Linchuk)
Miss Dior Cherie, Christian Dior fragrance
Miss Dior Cherie, Eau de Parfum - Dior
Dior - Maryna Linchuk, 2010

perfume editorials

Miss Dior perfume
Lucky Magazine - Dec. 2011
Miss Dior

Celebrating Absolute Femininity - Discover the scent that inspired love and romance. Miss Dior, with its captivating charm and elegance, is full of joie de vivre! A sensual blend of Italian mandarin, Egyptian jasmine, and Indonesian patchouli truly captures the dazzling Dior spirit in a modern Couture fragrance. dior.com.
("Lucky Lookout." Lucky Dec. 2011: 123.)

Past Notes - At Christian Dior's first runway show in 1947, he introduced "The New Look," a style that celebrated femininity and opulence. The updated Miss Dior Cherie, with gentle notes of ruby orange and a hint of neroli, will have you feeling very '40s-debutante-on-the-Champs-Elysees. New Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum, $98 for 3.4 fl. oz., dior.com.
(McMahon-Dunphy, Michaela. "Past Notes." Nylon Mar. 2011: 150.)

Natalie Portman - In 1947, Christian Dior said that he wanted a "fragrance that smells like love" and conceived Miss Dior as the brand's manifesto for youth and sophistication. Today the prolific fashion house sets out to encapsulate that same French joie de vivre in its latest scent, Miss Dior Cherie, with [Natalie Portman].... "It was an honor to be approached by a brand that has not only an incredible history but also values I can really stand behind," says the actress.... "I want to great lengths to ensure the company is run ethically and that there isn't any animal testing or forest depletion." It was important for Natalie to represent a scent she actually like. "I respond to the jasmine in the fragrance. When I was filming the Star Wars movies in Tunisia, children would be selling jasmine in the market - it's the most beautiful, sultry smell," Natalie explains. "Perfume makes you feel more feminine and glamorous." ...Natalie's glammed-up, Parisian alter ego dazzles in the Miss Dior Cherie ad inspired by the sexy French nouvelle vague films of the early 1960s and directed by Sofia Coppola. "A French woman will take as her greatest attributes things that other women consider flaws and own them in a way that makes her confident," Natalie says. "Her sexiness is that she is every bit herself."
(Bevan, Andrew. "Stealing Beauty." Teen Vogue Mar. 2011: 74-76.)

Natalie Portman - Leave it to a Harvard grad to endorse a perfume for intellectual reasons: "I like the idea behind it -- it's playful, chic, Parisian," says Natalie Portman of Miss Dior Cherie, a fresh, bright scent that blends green tangerine, pink jasmine, and a touch of patchouli. The actress's latest role is in the fragrance's as campaign. When do you wear perfume? "On special occasions. If it's a big night out with someone I love. It's like putting on nice jewelry. I think it makes every woman feel more feminine." Hit List - How Portman intensifies her low-key look for the red carpet: Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum.
(Sullivan, Kate. "Behind the Scenes Natalie Portman." Allure Feb. 2010: 63.)

Natalie Portman ...She is also appearing as the new face of Dior Beauty's Miss Dior Cherie fragrnace in a lush TV ad campaign directed by her pal Sofia Coppola.
(Sandell, Laurie. "Force of Nature." InStyle Feb. 2010: 180.)

Scents & Sensibilities - Just like high-school cliques, perfumes can have the reputation of being naughty or nice. Sheer florals are for good girls, while potent spices have racier associations. Yann Vasnier, a perfumers at Quest International, helps us understand the new fragrance double standard. NICE: Miss Dior Cherie Pure smells like caramelized popcorn and strawberry leaves, topped with green tangerine.
(Molvar, Kari. "Scents & Sensibilities." Allure Oct. 2006: 110.)

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