White Peacock Lily - unisex fragrance

White Peacock Lily by D.S. & Durga is a floral fragrance for women and men. Inspired by pale fog, this perfume is crafted from notes of oleander, cabreuva rouge, and grapefruit pith blending into a heart of white lily cream, jasmine, and alabaster violet before the dry down finish of vanilla, ambrette seed, and fog. This warm scent was launched in 2016 and is available in an eau de parfum spray.

D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily
D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily
Fragrance Notes
Top - Oleander, cabreuva rouge, grapefruit pith
Heart - White lily cream, Egyptian jasmine, alabaster violet
Base - Ambrette seed, vanilla, fog

Perfumer - David Seth Moltz
Launched - July 2016

D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily - new fragrance details

A lone peacock floats over cream lilies, oleander, and a sea of alabaster violet. Orchestral pads of harps and horns drone. Pale blue fog hangs in the far woodlands.

The piece that inspired this perfume is called "The White Peacock" by Fiona Macleod - a Scottish woman famous throughout the highlands for her dreamy works - and set to music by Griffes. ...

For the scent, I first worked on the scent of lily. ...Lily accords are comforting and pleasant. I started there and made something very easy and approachable. ...Real lilies are hauntingly narcotic. Frosty powdery vanillic with off notes of overripe green melon and the porkier side of clove distillates. ...

The lily had to float over the fields of violets, conjure the distant fog, and the oleander of the poem. We made the real lily more unctuous with jasmine grandiflorum absolute - the elegant jasmine of Egypt, India, and France. I made it whiter with ambrette musks. I made it creamier with liquid ambrette extract - the wettest fresh musk of hibiscus seeds. One of the rarest and most prized natural/non-animal musks. Violet and rose Otto help extend the freshness of the bergamot and melon top accord. The overall effect like the music is lush, warm, noble, and dreamlike."

(Source: dsanddurga.com, Sept. 2020)

D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily Fragrance

The floral D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily perfume is available in an Eau de Parfum spray $260 for 3.4 oz., and $175 for 1.7 oz. (Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Luckyscent)

D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily - perfume editorials

InStyle - August 2020
D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily

Instant Style - My Style
Actress Zosia Mamet shares a few of her favorite things.

Super Scent
"Whenever I put on this perfume, I feel like I'm wearing a white gown in a 19th-century English garden." -Zosia Mamet

D.S. & Durga White Peacock Lily eau de parfum, $260/100ml; dsanddurga.com.

("Instant Style: My Style Zosia Mamet plays favorites." InStyle. August 2020: 48)

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