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Eau d'Italie fragrance and perfume list.

Eau d'Italie fragrances: Founded by Marina Sersale and Sebastian Alvarez Murena in 2002 in Amalfi coast, Italy. Learn more

Eau d'Italie Perfumes (by year launched)
  • 2015 - Morn to Dusk
  • 2014 - Graine de Joie
  • 2013 - Acqua Decima
  • 2012 - Un Bateau Pour Capri
  • 2011 - Jardin du Poete
  • 2010 - Au Lac
  • 2008 - Magnolia Romana | Baume du Doge
  • 2006 - Bois d'Ombrie | Peastum Rose | Sienne l'Hiver
  • 2005 - Eau d'Italie

Eau d'Italie - perfume and resort

Le Sirenuse hotel Eau d'Italie
Marina Sersale and Sebastian Alvarez Murena

About Eau d'Italie
On the 50th Anniversary of Le Sirenuse resort, Marina Sersale - whose father and siblings founded the hotel 1951 - met her future husband, Sebastian Alvarez Murena, on the Amalfi coast. Together they decided to create a fragrance to celebrate the anniversary, with the simple bay of Positano scent. Two years later, the signature scent was born, and so the fragrance collection of Eau d'Italie was born.

Contact Eau d'Italie
Le Sirenuse Hotel - Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, Positano (SA), Italia 84017
Tel. +39 089 87 50 66 |
Perfume -

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Eau d'Italie Perfumes

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