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Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria - unisex fragrance

Euphoria by Gorilla Perfumes - "A perfect blend including clary Sage to soothe and stir, Lime, Grapefruit and Neroli to uplift and invigorate. Let your heart sing out!" --gorillaperfume.com

Perfume House Gorilla Perfumes
Introduced December 2012
Scent Classification Aromatic
Perfumer Mark Constantine
Fragrance Notes Clary sage, lime, grapefruit, neroli
Package Designer LUSH
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria - 0.3oz - 3.1oz / $14.95-55.95

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Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria
STORY - Let your heart sing out...

Come and anoint me in oils to enthrall and delight. In the darkest hours lift me and set my heart alight. Senses heightened, emotions delighted, pure exultation, joyful intoxication.

Surrounded by books in his perfume library Mark sought out healing scents to create a state of euphoria. Motivated to soothe his own heavy heart, (physician heal thyself!), he experimented with ingredients to capture the rush and release of rapture. The resulting concoction is pure bottled bliss...

Source: gorillaperfume.com (June 2013)

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Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria Fragrance editorial
InStyle - June 2013
Gorilla Perfumes Euphoria

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("Beauty: Deals & Steals." InStyle June 2013: 184)

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