Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric - perfume for women

Pop Electric by Harajuku Lovers - Featuring a Pop Art chrome design on the Harajuku Lovers' G, Love, lil'Angel, Music, and Baby scents, this collection is an updated version of the original five fragrances. G is a modern gourmand, Love and Lil'Angel are fruity florals, Music is an aquatic wood, and Baby is a powdery musk perfume. Available in an eau de parfum sprays from HSN.

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Perfume

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric - fragrance info

Perfume House Harajuku Lovers
Introduced October 2014
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes See descriptions below
Package Design Chrome dipped Harajuku Lovers cap with white pedestal bottle base.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 0.5oz, 1oz, 1.7oz / $25-40-55 each
Gift Set 1.7oz EDP, 3.5 oz Body Lotion, Key Chain / $60 each

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Perfume Campaign

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Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric

"The world of Harajuku Lovers fragrance has been given an eye catching makeover in the latest collection, Pop Electric! The new collection brings five tempting fragrances that feature updated versions of the scents you know and love, packaged in vibrant, chrome-dipped bottles. This super kawaii collection of what Gwen calls, 'collectible art,' is the perfect combination of whimsey and modern pop culture!" --gwenstefani.com

G -- Modern Gourmand
A creamy modern gourmand featuring a delectable whipped coconut accord is enveloped in soft florals and musky woods.

G has never looked so adorable! Her silver chrome bottle features a light and luscious scent, perfect for everyday wear. If you loved the coconut-twinged scent of original G, you'll fall for this delectable blend of musky wood, soft floral and that familiar whipped coconut.

Pop Electric silver chrome and white Harajuku Girl cap on a white pedestal bottle.
TOP NOTE: Crisp Mandarin, Fresh Coconut, Apple Skin
MID NOTE: Jasmine Sambac, Soft Freesia, Magnolia Vapor
BASE: Coconut Cream, White Sandalwood and Cotton Woods

LOVE -- Fruity Floral
A mouthwatering fruity floral, featuring juicy apple, dewy pear, surrounded by jasmine, cashmere woods and creamy musks.

Packaged in vibrant chrome pink, Love's scent is as mouthwatering and juicy as you'd expect! Sweet notes of crisp apple and pear are turned up a sophisticated notch with cashmere and jasmine.

Pop Electric hot pink chrome and white Harajuku Girl cap on a white pedestal bottle.
TOP NOTE: Juicy Pear, Granny Smith Apple, Dewy Freesia
MID NOTE: Tiger Orchid, Jasmine Petals, Honeysuckle
BASE NOTE: Cashmere Woods, Creamy Musk and Precious Woods

LIL'ANGEL -- Fruity Floral
Irresistibly addictive, this fragrance features juicy berries blended with candied violet and sugared rose, laced with a lollipop accord and rich amber.

Such a sweet little angel indeed! The baby blue chrome bottle holds a sugary mixture of berries, candied violet, and sugared rose. Laced with a note of amber, Lil'Angel is an irresistible sweetheart.

Pop Electric blue chrome and white Harajuku Girl cap on a white pedestal bottle.
TOP NOTE: Raspberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Pineapple
MID NOTE: Pear Blossom, Candied Violet, Sugared Rose
BASE: Lollipop Accord, Hinoki Wood and Crystal Amber

MUSIC -- Aquatic Woods
This vibrant fragrance opens with crisp apples and crushed berries and unfolds into a water floral and wrapped in sensual amberwood and luminous musks.

Dance to the Music as you spray a bit from the vibrant violet chrome bottle. Her transformative scent goes from crisp apples and berries, to sensual water floral and amberwood. Perfect for a night out!

Pop Electric purple chrome and white Harajuku Girl cap on a white pedestal bottle. A fresh, aquatic fragrance with dry down of sun-wrenched woods.
TOP NOTE: Splashes of Crisp Apple, magical Water Lily, and the sweet surge of Crushed Berries
MID NOTE: Flirty bouquets of Dewy Freesia, whispers of Pink Peony and delicate kisses of Jasmine Petals
BASE: Smooth Sun-drenched Woods, sensual Transparent Musks and luscious Amberwood

BABY -- Powdery Musk
Soft and comforting, this sophisticated powdery fragrance features a baby soft musk accord which blends with delicate florals and nuzzly vanilla.

Baby's classic powdery fragrance is perfectly packaged in her baby pink chrome bottle. Warm vanilla and sweet florals are guaranteed to leave you feeling cozy and cuddly in this new spin on an old favorite.

Pop Electric baby pink chrome and white Harajuku Girl cap on a white pedestal bottle.
TOP NOTE: Freesia, Bergamot, White Rose
MID NOTE: Orange Flower, Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals
BASE: White Musk, Soft Woods, Helitrope, Vanilla and Violet

Sources: gwenstefani.com 01/15; harajukulovers.com 12/15

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric - perfume editorials

Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric Fragrance editorial
InStyle - Dec 2015
Harajuku Lovers Pop Electric

Gwen Stefani - Blue Skies Ahead
You might think the highly publicized dissolution of her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale would slow down this rock-star mom. But with a darling 22-month-old son underfoot, a new album bubbling up, and a booming fashion empire that just keeps expanding (chew toy, anyone?), GWEN STEFANI is marching bravely forward in her silettos.

HARAJUKU LOVERS Pop Electric Fragrance: Love, $40 / 30ml; harajukulovers.com
"My mind is blown when I look at these new Harajuku Lovers fragances. The design is off the charts, and the scents are the best we've ever done. Everyone on my list is getting one." -- Gwen Stefani

(Mesle, Sarah. "Gwen Stefani." InStyle Dec. 2015: 237-247)

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