Heidi Klum Shine Perfume

Heidi Klum Shine - eau de toilette for women

Shine by Heidi Klum - "Sparkling and addictive, Shine encapsulates the most radiant facets of Heidi, joyful, sensual, authentic. This feminine and sparkling fragrance captures the most radiant facets of Heidi. Joyful and refined, radiant and emblematic, SHINE encapsulates Heidi's subtle sophistication and evokes the inner, positive strength with which Heidi luminously embraces life." --heidiklumfragrances.com

Perfume House Heidi Klum
Introduced September 2011
Tagline The new fragrance by Heidi Klum
Scent Classification Oriental Floral
Perfumer Aurelien Guichard, Jean Guichard, Olivier Pescheux - Givaudan
Fragrance Notes Top - Pink peppercorn, mandarin, pear
Heart - Mimosa absolute, lily of the valley, sunflower
Base - Vanilla, Venezuelan tonka bean, cosmone musk
Package Designer Coty
Print/TV Campaign Model - Heidi Klum
Photographer - Nabil Elderkin
Available Products Heidi Klum Shine - Eau de Toilette 0.5oz, 1oz ($25), 1.7oz ($30)

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An effervescent floral oriental fusion, Shine perfectly reflects Heidi's sparkling vivacity and soft sensuality.

Top notes: The elegant fragrance opens with fresh juciy notes of mandarin and pear, enhanced with spicy pink peppercorn to invigorate the senses.

Heart notes: This melts into a beautifully feminine bouquet of exquisite mimosa absolute, lily of the valley, and sunflower, exuding a delicious joie-de-vivre.

Bottom notes: At its bade, warm notes of vanilla, tonka bean and musk create seductive, sensual underones, making this fragrance wonderfully addictive.

Source: www.heidiklumfragrances.com (Oct. 2011)

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Shine Heidi Klum fragrances
Heidi Klum Shine, Eau de Toilette
Heidi Klum, Sept 2011
Shine Heidi Klum perfumes
Shine Heidi Klum Perfume
Shine Heidi Klum perfumes
Shine Heidi Klum Perfume
Shine Heidi Klum fragrances
Shine Heidi Klum Fragrance
Shine Heidi Klum perfumes
Shine Heidi Klum Perfume

Heidi Klum Shine perfume editorials

Heidi Klum Shine Perfume
Allure Magazine - May 2012
Heidi Klum Perfume

Beauty Call
The bombshell model, Heidi Klum, gives away her secrets.

"I have my own fragrance, Shine. It's a mixture of sweet and spicy: pink peppercorn, mandarin, lily of the vally. If there's one word for it, I'd say it's sensual. Sexual? No, I said sensual. But I'll take 'sexual,' too."

(Newman, Judith. "Cover Look: Heidi Klum." Allure May 2012: 46.)

Heidi Klum Shine Perfume
Glamour Magazine - Nov. 2011
Heidi Klum Perfume

Fruit Notes
"It's been proven that certain scents can make you feel happy," says Stephen Warrenburg, research fellow at International Flavors & Fragrances, a sort of scent think tank. "It's like someone doing something nice for you -- some fragrances give that same boost in mood." Specifically...Fruity notes lend a happy vibe.

Shine by Heidi Klum, $35 for 1.7 oz., walgreens.com.

("3 Instant Pick-You-Up Perfumes." Glamour Nov. 2011: 124.)

Heidi Klum Shine Perfume
InStyle Magazine - Oct. 2011
Heidi Klum Perfume

Heidi Klum
It's not easy to stay gorgeous! The mega-model-mogul tells it like it is. Tell us about your new fragrance, Shine by Heidi Klum. "I've always liked to mix masculine and feminine, so we combined peppercorn and lily of the valley, which is the perfect balance. I didn't want to smell too sweet or too clean." Marilyn Monroe once said that Chanel No. 5 is the only thing she wears to bed. Would you say the same for your scent? "I'd wear it to bed for a specific reason. But that reason wouldn't be to fall asleep!"

Shine by Heidi Klum, eau de toilette, $35/1.7 oz.; at CVS. "How did I pick the scent's name? When we go out, my husband [Seal] will say, 'You look beautiful. You shine!'"

(Barfield, Kahlana. "Beauty Talk: Heidi Klum." InStyle Oct. 2011: 248.)

Gold Rush - Heidi Klum Shine Eau de Toilette, $35.
(Flaherty, Erin. "101 Ideas: Beauty Moment." Marie Claire Sept. 2011: 168.)

Heidi Klum - Mom of four, TV host, fashion designer -- if Heidi Klum could bottle her nonstop energy, we'd be takers. She's trying to do just that with her new fragrance, Shine, out this month. Heidi always wears it for an instant lift. "My dad worked in beauty and once made a perfume for my mom," Heidi says. What makes Shine smell so delicious? It has fruity notes like pear and mandarin, but there's also vanilla and pink peppercorn to give it some heat. It's sensual, but very feminine. Heidi Klum Shine eau de toilette, $35 for 1.7 oz.
(Donahue, Kayleigh. "Beauty Call." Redbook Sept. 2011: 80.)

Heidi Ho! - The lily of the valley and spicy pink peppercorn notes in Heidi Klum's new floral-oriental fragrance, Shine, are almost as perfect together as the model and her singer husband, Seal.
(Sullivan, Kate. "Beauty Reporter." Allure Sept. 2011: 76.)

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