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Smyth by Henry Rose is a new fruity aquatic woody perfume for women and men. This "bright" fragrance is crafted with top notes of green apple, watery notes, and a pineapple-melon sorbet blending into a heart of star jasmine, apricot nectar, and white tea with a warm dry down finish of white woods, sandalwood, and musks. The apothecary inspired Henry Rose perfume bottle features a clear glass with black accents. This green apple, aqua, and woods clean-beauty scent was launched in 2020 and is available in an eau de parfum spray.

Henry Rose Smyth
Henry Rose Smyth
Fruity Aquatic Woody
Fragrance Notes
Top - Green apple accord
Heart - Apricot nectar, jasmine, white tea
Base - White woods, sandalwood, musks

Launched - July 2020

Henry Rose Smyth - new fragrance details

HENRY ROSE SMYTH Eau de Parfum - Bright
Introducing our newest scent. Crisp green apple is rounded with watery notes and sheer white woods for a bright finish.

Top: Green Apple, Watery Notes, Melon-Pineapple Sorbet (Green Apple Accord)
Mid: Apricot Nectar, Star Jasmine, White Tea (Hedione, Vetiverol)
Dry: Sheer White Woods, Sandalwood, Layered Musks (Iso E Super, Tiberol, Cetalor, Musk) (July 2020)

Cool morning haze melts into sleepy summer waves.

Henry Rose Smyth Fragrance

The new Henry Rose Smyth perfume is available in an Eau de Parfum spray $120 for 50 ml and $50 for 8 ml.

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