Waterlily and Yuja - unisex fragrances

Waterlily and Yuja by Jo Malone are new Korean inspired fragrances. The Huwon Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul is represented by Waterlily. This floral perfume is crafted with white floral notes of jasmine sambac and neroli blended into waterlily and white musk. Yuja represents the city streets of Seoul with citrusy notes of yuja (yuzu citrus) and woody cedar blended into fir balsam and clary sage. These new aromatic perfumes, launched in 2020, are available in cologne sprays.

Jo Malone Waterlily and Yuja
Jo Malone Waterlily and Yuja - Cologne
Floral / Citrus Woody
Launched - March 2020

Jo Malone Waterlily and Yuja - new fragrance details

Jo Malone Waterlily - Floral scent
"Radiant white waterlilies, crown jewels of the Huwon Secret Garden in Seoul. Discovered on our Korean adventures, these pristine petals release a clean floralcy that stirs and enchants. The dewy freshness of these floating blooms is enhanced with a flourish of jasmine sambac and neroli."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Waterlily
Heart - Jasmine sambac, neroli
Base - White musk

Jo Malone Yuja - Citrus woody scent
"The streets of Seoul, alive with a fragrant trail of yuja. A city and a citrus to enliven the senses. For generations yuja has infused recipes and remedies alike with its distinctive and exotic notes. The mouthwatering fizziness of this striking fruit is enhanced with woody depths of cedarwood and a resinous touch of fir balsam."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Yuzu
Heart - Clary sage
Base - Fir balsam, cedarwood

Jo Malone Waterlily and Yuja Fragrances

The new Seoul inspired Jo Malone Waterlily and Yuja are each available in cologne sprays, $144 for 3.4 oz. and $72 for 1 oz. (Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman)

(Source: neimanmarcus.com, March 2020)

Jo Malone Waterlily and Yuja Fragrances

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