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Lanvin Irise - perfume for women

Irisé by Lanvin - The first fragrance by Parfums Lanvin, created by elderly Russian perfumer Maria Zede. Bottle designed by Armand Albert Rateau, interior designer of Art Deco styling for Madame Lanvin boutiques. "Her [Jeanne Lanvin] first perfumer was a lady of Russian origin, Marie Zede. Irisé was her first scent.... No fewer than fourteen fragrances had been lauched by 1925."

Perfume House Lanvin
Introduced 1923 (discontinued 1926)
Scent Classification --
Perfumer Marie Zéde
Fragrance Notes --
Package Designer Armand Albert Rateau, bottle designer
Print/TV Campaign --
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Lanvin Parfums, A. Brenet 1932
Lanvin Parfums
Lanvin - A. Brenet 1932

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Perfumes by Lanvin - "Irise (existed by 1925), perfumer Madame Zed."
(Perfume Projects., Oct. 2011.)

The History of the House of Lanvin Parfums - "The perfumes of Lanvin in chronological order are: 1923 Irisé (dicontinued in 1926)...."
(Perfume Shrine., Oct. 2011.)

Lanvin - "In 1924-1925, the Lanvin House will launch NIV NAL, IRISE then ten perfumes.... Let us note that NIV NAL, IRISE, KARA DJENOUN, LE SILLON and APRES SPORT will be withdrawn from the sales since 1926."
(Note: Translated from original French version.)
(Touten Parfums., Oct. 2011.)

Lanvin Parfums - "Irisé by Parfums Lanvin, 1924. Possibly only in 1926 in USA."
(Perfume Intellegence - The Perfume Encyclopedia., Oct. 2011.)

Lanvin - "Jeanne Lanvin wants to create a unique world for its clients. The design of the hotel and their homes, she instructs the interior designer Armand Albert Rateau. At the same time, they develop interiors for shops and for the theater, playing the main reasons for the directions of Art Deco. In interior design, a lot of gold tones, black and white, but everywhere there is a blue color. Jeanne Lanvin paints the walls of his room into a unique soft blue color with bright purple tint, invented by Fra Angelico. In her clothing she increasingly resorted to a rich bright blue. In 1925 she again invites Armand Albert Rateau to decorate the stands at Lanvin Exhibition of Decorative Arts. In the 30s Eugene Pritz interior design creates a brand representative of the Faubourg Saint Honore. Becoming the exclusive interior designer boutiques Lanvin, Armand Rateau did not fail to bring to the brand story their creative spirit. With his sense of spiritualization and talent, he gets to work quickly and creates a design for the first bottle of perfume Lanvin Lanvin Irise. His bottle he calls 'a mere attempt.' After that comes a lot of fragrances and lotions Lanvin...."
(Note: Translated from original Russian version.)
(Lanvin., Oct. 2011.)

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