Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Collection - perfume for women

Daisy Sunshine Collection by Marc Jacobs - A new limited edition, fruity floral fragrance selection from Marc Jacob's Daisy collection of perfumes. The fruity floral fragrance of Daisy Sunshine features notes of white strawberry, marigold, and white woods. Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine includes notes of pear, heliotrope, and mimosa for a fruity floral bouquet. Daisy Dream Sunshine blends notes of golden raspberry, orange blossom, and solar musks for a fruity floral aura. Daisy Love Sunshine is a floral fruity mix of bright citrus, bergamot, key lime, and cashmere musks. Housed in their traditional perfume bottles, each scent gets an updated bright yellow hue. Launched in January 2019 the spring inspired perfumes are available in eau de toilette sprays from Sephora and Macy's.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Collection Fragrance

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Collection Perfume

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Collection - fragrance info

Perfume House Marc Jacobs
Introduced January 2019
Perfumer Alberto Morillas
Scent Classification Fruity Floral
Fragrance Notes Various - See scent notes below
Package Design Original Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume bottles are updated with bright yellow hues.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Toilette Daisy Sunshine 1.7 oz
Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine 2.5 oz / $100
Daisy Dream Sunshine 1.7 oz / $84
Daisy Love Sunshine 1.7 oz / $84

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Collection

"Inspired by sunny days and the sparkling spirit of daisy girls everywhere, Marc Jacobs brings a bright, sunny twist on the classic Daisy fragrances. The #MJDaisy Marc Jacobs Sunshine Limited Editions transport daisy girls to a happy place where optimism overflows and the carefree spirit of daisy is celebrated.

"DAISY Sunshine - Sunny marigold is wrapped in the radiant warmth of white woods while white strawberry adds a juicy touch.

"DAISY EAU SO FRESH Sunshine - Luscious pear blends with mimosa and heliotrope florals exuding an airy, fruity freshness.

"DAISY DREAM Sunshine - Sun-kissed gold raspberries and orange blossoms shimmer at the top as solar musks round out the fragrance with its alluring aura.

"DAISY LOVE Sunshine - Inviting bursts of bergamot mingle with cashmere musk to create a sheer floral sweetness that is balanced with the sparkling brightness of citrus."

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