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Mariah Carey Forever - eau de parfum for women

Forever by Mariah Carey - "Capturing the moment Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon fell in love, Forever is a beautiful and seductive fragrance inspired by a deep, enduring connection. This iconic fragrance embodies the forever love story of Nick and Mariah, and reflects the beauty and seductiveness a woman radiates when she is in love. Opulent Floral -- The composition of Forever unfolds like a beautiful love story, with radiant top notes, glamorous iconic white florals, and a mesmerizing drydown."

Perfume House Mariah Carey
Introduced September 2009
Tagline Glamorous. Radiant. Mesmerizing.
Scent Classification Opulent Floral
Perfumer Olivier Gillotin (Givaudan)
Fragrance Notes Top - Neroli, Lotus Blossom, Dewy Green Apple
Heart - Tuberose, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley
Base - White Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Package Designer Cut crystal bottle with gold collar inscribed with "Forever".
Print/TV Campaign Mariah Carey (model, singer), Michael Thompson (photographer)
Available Products Mariah Carey Forever - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz ($55); 3.3oz (#65)
Mariah Carey Forever - Parfum 0.5oz ($250)
Mariah Carey Forever - Body Lotion 6.8oz ($28)
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Mariah Carey Forever Perfume
"My life with Nick is so exciting," says Mariah Carey. "I created my fragrance Forever right around the time Nick and I fell in love, and every time I wear it, my senses take me back to that unforgettable moment when we realized we were made for each other. There is only one forever."

Source: (Oct 2012)

Mariah Carey Forever Perfume
An opulent floral. Forever is a sophisticated combination of notes that convey a powerful message of feminine sensuality. True to Mariah Carey, Forever is an intoxication harmony reminiscent of classic Hollywood allure, wrapped in warm sensuality for a timeless interpretation of glamour.

Fragrance Accords of Forever Mariah Carey
Radiant: Luxurious accords of Neroli, Lotus Blossom and Dewy Green Apple create a refreshing, distinctive blend capturing Mariah's sensual appeal.

Glamorous: A rich floral heart embodies Mariah's warmth and sophistrication through a symphony of Tuberose and Gardenia.

Mesmerizing: A unique, sultry combination of White Musk and exotic woods provide a depth like Mariah's unforgettable voice.

Perfumer's Statement
"After meeting Mariah, I was inspired to create a glamorous, opulent floral. True to her persona, I wanted the scent to be radiant but to also evoke a warm sensuality. Like Mariah, the fragrance is full of energy and sensuality. It is the perfect balance of classic opulence and old world glamour, with a fresh modern spin."

"The final creation is an opulent floral that opens with a unique burst of fresh watery nuances instantly drawing you in. A rich floral heart emerges to reveal a luxurious aura of Tuberose and Gardenia. You are then wrapped in a veil of exotic woods and white musk creating an enticing encounter that leaves a trail of chic sophistication." --Olivier Gillotin, Givaudan

Source:, August 2011.

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Mariah Carey Forever Perfume
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Mariah Carey Forever Perfume Launch
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Mariah Carey Forever Perfume website
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