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Memo Paris fragrances: A French fragrance house launched in 2007 by Clara and John Molloy. The fragrances are inspired by destinations. Learn more

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Memo Paris fragrance and perfume list.

Memo Paris Perfumes (by year launched)

2020 - Jamal's Palace | Ocean Leather | Retba | Sintra

2019 - Oriental Leather | Vaadhoo | Winter Palace | The Flying Collection: Desert Orange Blossom, London Tweed, Rose Paris Rose, Siberian Golden Wood

2018 - Moroccan Leather | Tamarindo | Tiger's Nest

2017 - African Rose | Eau de Memo | Kedu Sesame | Marfa Spices

2016 - French Leather Rose | Marfa | Russian Leather

2015 - Graines Vagabondes: Iha do Mel | African Leather | Irish Oud

2014 - Graines Vagabondes: Kedu | French Leather | Shams Narcissus | Moon Leather

2013 - Inle Iris | Irish Leather | Italian Leather | Lalibela Oud

2012 - Luxor Oud | Quartier Latin

2011 - Granada | Shams

2010 - Manoa

2009 - Moon Fever (Moon Safari)

2008 - Jannat

2007 - Inle | Lalibela | Siwa

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Memo Paris - perfume and fashion house

Memo Paris store display
Memo Paris founders, Clara and John Molloy

About Memo Paris
Clara and John Molloy, the founders of Memo, met on a chair lift in 2005, between sky and earth, between two worlds, in that weightless space that brings out one's daring side and broadens horizons. It wasn't long before they decided to set off together on a long-distance journey. It would also be a creative journey. Memo, which they launched in 2007, was part of the adventure: a collection of scents from afar that now boasts fifteen fragrances, it takes a destination and makes it the point of departure for a sense-awakening epic.
(Source:, July 2015)

Contact Memo Paris
Corporate Office
52 rue Bassano
75008 Paris | FRANCE
+33 (0) 144549172

Memo Paris Perfumes

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