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Extreme Sky by Michael Kors is a new woody aromatic fragrance for men. Inspired by soaring through the sky, this smooth blend of icy spices, bergamot, cypress, and pink pepper mixes into a heart of ozonic accord, cedar, and juniper with a finish of musk, vetiver, and clearwood. The classic Michael Kors Extreme Blue perfume bottle is updated with a deep blue bottle and cap with silver accents. The "gravity-defying new scent" of Michael Kors Extreme Sky, launched in 2020 as an eau de toilette, is a cool, fresh, and masculine fragrance.

Michael Kors Extreme Sky
Michael Kors Extreme Sky
Woody Aromatic
Top notes - Spices, bergamot, cypress, pink pepper
Heart notes - Ozonic accord, juniper, cedarwood
Base notes - Vetiver, musk, Clearwood

Launched - May 2020

Michael Kors Extreme Sky - new fragrance details

Extreme Sky Eau de Toilette
Introducing Michael Kors Extreme Sky, the gravity-defying new scent that captures the heart-pounding sensation of soaring high above it all. A blend of cool spice notes and ozonic accord are layered with vetiver for a fresh and decidedly masculine essence.

michaelkors.com (June 2020)

Michael Kors Extreme Sky fragrance

The new Michael Kors Extreme Sky fragrance is available in an Eau de Toilette spray, $86 for 4.2 oz., $70 for 2.3 oz., $55 for 1 oz.

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Extreme Blue - Green (2015)
Perfume notes - Bergamot, angelica seed, pink pepper, cardamom, juniper, sesame, sage, cypress, ambrox, cashmere wood, patchouli, and musks blend.

Extreme Night - Woody (2017)
Perfume notes - Bergamot, nutmeg, black pepper, cypress, clary sage, orris, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla absolute, tonka bean, and musk.

Extreme Speed - Woody Aromatic (2018)
Perfume notes - Cardamom, sage, cypress, cinnamon, coriander, violet, cederwood, tolu balsam, and patchouli.

Extreme Rush - Aromatic (2019)
Perfume notes - Juniper, bergamot, blood orange, aromatics, and musk.

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