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Nina Ricci fragrance and perfume list.

Nina Ricci fragrances: owned by Puig since 1997. Fashion house of Italian Nina Ricci and her son Robert Ricci in 1932, established in Paris, France.

Nina Ricci Perfumes (by year launched)
  • 2017 - L'Air du Temps Eau Florale | L'Air du Temps L'Aurore | L'Extase Rose Absolue | Les Gourmandises de Luna | Les Gourmandises de Nina | Rose Extase
  • 2016 - L'Air du Temps L'Aube | L'Air du Temps Le Crespuscule | L'Extase Caresse de Roses | Luna | Luna Blossom
  • 2015 - Les Delices de Nina | L'Extase
  • 2014 - La Tentation de Nina
  • 2013 - Nina L'Eau | Mademoiselle Ricci L'Eau
  • 2012 - Nina Fantasy
  • 2010 - Nina L'Elixir
  • 2009 - Ricci Ricci
  • 2006 - Nina
  • 2004 - Love in Paris
  • 2001 - Premier Jour
  • 1974 - Farouche
  • 1961 - Capricci
  • 1952 - Fille d'Eve
  • 1948 - L'Air du Temps
  • 1946 - Coeur Joie

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Nina Ricci Fragrances: Coeur Joie (1946) "A hymn to the joy of life and liberty regained." Eau de Coeur Joie (1947) "A harmonious fragrance of delicate flowers." L'Air du Temps (1948 - Sun bottle) "A legendary fragrance." L'Air du Temps (1951 - Twin doves bottle) "A fragrance that defies time." Fille d'Eve (1952) "A fragrance of mystery and seduction; an arousing and enchanting fragrance of temptation." Capricci (1961) "An homage to femininity; a fragrance for the evening, to accompany the elegance of a silk dress." Mademoiselle Ricci (1965) "A natural fragrance dedicated to young girls and young women who like to feel fresh and attractive - a light and unpretentious fragrance." Signoricci 1 (1966) "A response in good taste to the demands of men of quality." Bigarade (1971) "For fresh and athletic young girls, well turned out and provocative." Farouche (1974) "A fragrance of secret splendor." Signoricci 2 (1975) "A fragrance for men who care about elegance and presentation." Fleur de Fleurs (1982) "Like a paradise garden." Philéas (1984) "A characterful, welcoming and invigorating composition." Nina (1987) "A fragrance must be a work of art." Ricci Club (1989) "An alliance of opposites." Deci Delà (1994) "The fragrance of the five senses." Les Belles de Ricci: Liberty fizz (1996) "The Green Bottle: a cheeky, fizzy, fresh fragrance that's always bubbly and cheerful." Les Belles de Ricci: Almond Amour (1999) "The Blue bottle: an angelically-sweet and exquisitely sensual love potion." Les Belles de Ricci: Spicy Delight (1999) "The Orange bottle: a warm, sensual fragrance conjuring up the magic of far-off lands." Les Belles de Ricci: Belle de Minuit (2000) "An enchanting, mysterious and sensual fragrance full of surprises." Premier Jour (2001) "Carnal delight and sensuality renewed... with new attitude." Mémoire d'Homme (2002) "The scent of the new romantic hero." Les Belle de Ricci: Cherry Fantasy (2004) "The Pink bottle: as bubbly and fresh as a mountain stream." Love in Paris (2004) "The fragrance that sparks the dream of love." Nina (2006) "The magical fragrance from Nina Ricci." Nina (1987, 2006), Premier Jour (2001), Love in Paris (2004), Ricci Ricci (2009), Nina L'Elixir (2010).

Nina Ricci - perfume and design house

About Nina Ricci
Paris in 1932 was the setting for the launch of the Nina Ricci line, created by Maria Ricci and her son Robert. One of the most classic French houses, Nina Ricci stands for airily romantic style. Current designer Peter Copping upholds the tradition of pretty, feminine fare while injecting just the right amount of modern edge.
Source: (Sept. 2011)

Contact Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci - 63 rue Edouard Vaillant 92300 Levallois Perret
Tel. +33(0) 1 55 90 52 92 |

Nina Ricci Perfumes

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