Nomenclature Adrett - fragrance for women and men

Adrett by Nomenclature - adr_ett - A musk scented fragrance, based on the note Helvetolide. The word adrett in German means "dapper." This perfume was created by Frank Voelkl for the Nomenclature niche line by Aedes, and contains the scent notes of pink pepper, iris, vanilla, and ambergris. Housed in a chemistry flask shaped bottle with brushed stainless steel sprayer, and a molecule pattern design. Available in an eau de parfum spray from Aedes.

Nomenclature Adrett Fragrance

Nomenclature Adrett Fragrance

Nomenclature Adrett - fragrance info

Perfume House Nomenclature
Introduced September 2015
Perfumer Frank Voelkl
Scent Classification Soft Oriental
Fragrance Notes Helvetolide, pink pepper, iris, ambrette, vanilla, tonka bean, ambergris
Package Design An Erlenmeyer flask shaped bottle and brushed silver sprayer, no cap.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 3.4oz / $165

Nomenclature Adrett - fragrance editorials

Nomenclature Adrett Perfume editorial
Marie Claire - Jan 2016
Nomenclature Adrett

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(Chao, Ning. "Beauty: The Next Big Thing." Marie Claire Jan. 2016: 54-60)

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