Nomenclature Iridel - fragrance for women and men

Iridel by Nomenclature - iri_del - An iris aldehyde fragrance with a powerful orris and woody ambery scent. This perfume from the Nomenclature niche line was created by perfumer Patricia Choux. Housed in a chemistry flask shaped bottle with brushed stainless steel sprayer, and a molecule pattern design. Available in an eau de parfum spray from Aedes.

Nomenclature Iridel Fragrance

Nomenclature Iridel Fragrance

Nomenclature Iridel - fragrance info

Perfume House Nomenclature
Introduced September 2015
Perfumer Patricia Choux
Scent Classification Soft Oriental
Fragrance Notes iris concrete, irone alpha, woody ambery notes, bergamot, ambrette
Package Design An Erlenmeyer flask shaped bottle and brushed silver sprayer, no cap.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 3.4oz / $165

Nomenclature Iridel - fragrance editorials

Nomenclature Iridel Perfume editorial Edgy Floral Fragrances
Cosmopolitan - Oct 2015
Nomenclature Iridel Fragrance

Petal to the Metal
Ladylike is overrated -- This fall, floral fragrances are all about the edge.

Rocker Bouquets
Right now, "people want florals that have drama - so they're being hi-jacked with dark, mysterious notes, such as patchouli, pepper or incense," says florist and fragrance expert Karl Bradl of Aedes de Venustas, the niche scent emporium filled with gothic floral arrangements in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. One of the stars of Nomenclature, the new line Bradl cofounded, is called Iri_del, an "urban iris" that blends the powdery flower with musk ambrette. NOMENCLATURE Iri_del. $165;

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(Matlin, Jessica. "Petal to the Metal." Cosmopolitan Oct. 2015: 158-163)

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