Natural Origins Perfume Collection - unisex fragrances

Natural Origins Perfume Collection by Pacifica is a set of five new natural perfume fragrances launched in Spring 2020. The nature inspired aromatic scents include Tomboy Vibes (orange flower, cannabis), Cosmosis (vanilla, stardust), High Vibration (sandalwood, jasmine), Kindred Spirit (rose dust, palo santo), and Sage Me (sage, smoke). These vegan fragrances, made in the USA, are crafted from 100% natural raw materials and corn grain alcohol. Each is housed in a glass perfume bottle, featuring pretty colors and gold accents. Available in natural perfume sprays in February 2020.

Pacifica Natural Origins Perfumes
Pacifica Natural Origins Perfumes
Natural Perfume Spray
Launched - February 2020

Pacifica Sage Me

Pacifica Sage Me
Sage and Smoke scent
"Earthy, herbaceous sage, juniper and light smokey notes. Drive through the mountains with the windows down. Cleanse.

For anyone who loves the blend of herbaceous and smokey notes."

Fragrance Notes
Smokey Accord

Pacifica Cosmosis

Pacifica Cosmosis
Vanilla and Stardust scent
"Deep, resinous, creamy vanilla with ash and cold sparkling ozonic top notes. Nighttime stars.

For anyone who loves when creamy vanilla notes unite with warm resin."

Fragrance Notes
Ozone Accord
Ash Resin

Pacifica Tomboy Vibes

Pacifica Tomboy Vibes
Orange Flower and Cannabis scent
"Musky orange flower and cannabis mix with bright green notes. Grass stains on your knees. Boy vibes.

For anyone who loves complex scents blending bright and grassy notes."

Fragrance Notes
Green Notes
Orange Flower
Grassy Accord

Pacifica High Vibration

Pacifica High Vibration
Sandalwood and Jasmine scent
"Woody, syrupy, deeply sweet sandalwood, vetiver and high vibration white jasmine. Positive energy is everything.

For anyone who loves explosive floral notes blended with a sweet, woody scent."

Fragrance Notes
White Jasmine

Pacifica Kindred Spirit

Pacifica Kindred Spirit
Rose Dust and Palo Santo scent
"Crushed, hazy rose dust, myrrh and the scent of piney, lemony palo santo. Paper love notes.

For anyone who loves warm, woodsy fragrances with unexpected brightness."

Fragrance Notes
Rose Dust
Salo Santo

Pacifica Natural Origins Perfumes - new fragrance details

Formulated without parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol. This pretty bottle is made with glass. Remove the top, recycle it and give it another life. Made in the USA with the best globally sourced ingredients.

(Source:, Feb. 2020)

The natural perfume sprays for Pacifica Natural Origins Perfume Collection sell at $22 for 1 oz. each at ULTA.

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