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Aromapower by Pacifica - A new aromatic fragrance collection for women that's "crystal-infused and plant-powered." The Aromapower Set of 100% vegan micro-bath perfumes are inspired by the healing power of crystals and modern aromatherapy. The scent collection include Breath Taking (Rose Quartz - cardamom, pepper), Contact High (Tourmaline - lemongrass, watermelon), Hardcore Happy (Quartz - vanilla, tuberose, coconut), Dream State (Amethyst - jasmine, lemon), and Mind Control (Peridot - lemongrass, tangerine). Originally launched in August 2017 as perfume oils ($14) and revamped to include new scents in April 2018 these new perfume sprays are available from ULTA. The entire Aromapower Pacifica line also includes face, body and bath products.

Pacifica Aromapower Fragrance

Pacifica Aromapower Perfume

Pacifica Aromapower - fragrance info

Perfume House Pacifica
Introduced April 2018
Perfumer Brook Harvey-Taylor
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes Various - see scent descriptions below
Package Design Tall cylinder glass perfume bottle with crystal designs and a metallic pink and blue cap.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Perfume 1 oz / $24

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Pacifica Aromapower

"Boost your aura and get glowing. Call in your crystal super power. Crystal-infused and plant-powered..."

Breath Taking : Crystal - Rose Quartz | Scent Notes - Cardamom & Pepper
This blend includes cardamom, vanilla, pepper and warm spices infused with rose quartz, known as the "love stone." Call in love, romance, self-worth and balance. Love is what you make it. You deserve to be treasured.

Contact High : Crystal - Tourmaline | Scent Notes - Lemongrass & Watermelon
This blend includes lemongrass, watermelon extract, and tourmaline, known as the "electric stone." You are a bright light in this cosmic universe, stay in your higher place, transcend it all and radiate positivity out into this world.

Dream State : Crystal - Amethyst | Scent Notes - Jasmine & Lemon
This blend includes lemon and jasmine absolute infused with amethyst, known as the "stone of spirit." Call in creativity, intuition and a sense of calm. Dreams can become reality. Dream it, live it.

Hardcore Happy :Crystal - Quartz | Scent Notes - Vanilla, Tuberose & Coconut
This blend includes tuberose, coconut and vanilla infused with quartz, known as the "healing stone." Call in joy, happiness and positive vibrations. Good morning, sunshine. Today is your day.

Mind Control : Crystal - Peridot | Scent Notes - Lemongrass & Tangerine
This blend includes lemongrass, tangerine and grapefruit infused with peridot, known as the "gem of the sun." Call in balance and control your thoughts. You are what you think. Make it good.

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