Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume

Pacifica Avalon Juniper - perfume spray for women

Avalon Juniper by Pacifica - "This wintery, mystical mix is a play between light and dark and the physical and spiritual realms. With crisp Juniper berry notes layered on top of bright grapefruit and watery notes of Heliotrope, this is an incredible and unexpected blend."

Perfume House   Pacifica
Introduced 2008
Tagline --
Scent Classification Woody
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Heliotrope
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume Spray 1oz ($22)
Pacifica Avalon Juniper Solid Perfume 0.33oz ($9), Natural Soap 6oz ($5)
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