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Pacollection by Paco Rabanne launches six new fragrances for men and women. These aromatic perfumes include Strong Me (black: davana, rum, vanilla, amber wood), Dangerous Me (green: vanilla, ginger, grey amber, cedar), Erotic Me (pink: leather, milk, osmanthus, incense), Fabulous Me (orange: pumpkin, rhubarb, vanilla, sandalwood), Genius Me (blue: orange zest, cristallfizz, rosemary, tree moss), and Crazy Me (yellow: mimosa, wasabi, blackcurrant, sandalwood). These "shocks of fragrance" in their radiant colored packages "can be taken anywhere" and "goes with anything." Each perfume is housed in a soft, unbreakable, and lightweight bottle with a chrome metal appearance featuring a colored ombre effect, and an oversized Paco Rabanne monogram logo. Available in eau de parfum sprays in summer 2019.

Paco Rabanne Pacollection
Paco Rabanne Pacollection
Eau de Parfum
Launched - June 2019

In 1973 Puig and Rabanne revolutionized the men's category with Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. ...Paco Rabanne retired from the scene and Puig, now owner of the House's fashion and fragrance divisions, proceeded to create and launch a series of blockbuster fragrances... 2019 marks another key milestone for Paco Rabanne with the launch of Pacollection: a collection of six unisex fragrances in the shape of a silver unbreakable bottle under the creative direction of Julien Dossena.

(Source:, March 2020)

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Crazy Me

Paco Rabanne Crazy Me - Floral scent
"Crazy me is a unisex eau de parfum. An electrifying floral. The accord: Paco Rabanne has transformed the mimosa. Velvety mimosa and silky sandalwood with the spicy, a burst of wasabi. Sweet gravitates to sharp. Paradoxical fragrance?"

Fragrance Notes
Mimosa and wasabi
Blackcurrant and honey
Sandalwood and musk

PERFUMER - Alienor Massenet

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Dangerous Me

Paco Rabanne Dangerous Me - Oriental scent
"Dangerous me is a unisex eau de parfum. An indelible oriental fragrance. The accord: Paco Rabanne has invented the 'tattoo; fragrance. A combination of vanilla-infused ink and grey amber. Sultry, undulating ingredients. The skin is enveloped, unsettled by woody vibrations. Cedar."

Fragrance Notes
Ginger and cedar
Vanilla and patchouli
Grey amber and tonka bean

PERFUMER - Marie Salamagne

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Erotic Me

Paco Rabanne Erotic Me - Leather floral scent
"Erotic me is a unisex eau de parfum. A milky leather. The accord: Paco Rabanne has created a skin-to-skin. Using a floral leather and osmanthus. Sensory interplay. And a velvety, milky accord. A warm, sultry, sensual fragrance."

Fragrance Notes
Milk and leather
Osmanthus and patchouli
Incense and beeswax absolute

PERFUMER - Quentin Bisch

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Fabulous Me

Paco Rabanne Fabulous Me - Oriental gourmand scent
"Fabulous me is a unisex eau de parfum. A coppery oriental. The accord: Paco Rabanne has created a 'copper wood', pure abstraction. A blend of glossy wood with a unique plant duo. An accord of sweet pumpkin. Fresh and fruity green rhubarb. A shimmering fragrance for men and women."

Fragrance Notes
Green Rhubard

PERFUMER - Alienor Massenet

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Genius Me

Paco Rabanne Genius Me - Fresh aldehyde scent
"Genius me is a unisex eau de parfum. A fresh aldehydic. The accord: Paco Rabanne has invented the metallic cologne. An uppercut combining zingy orange zest and cristallfizz™. The 'washing powder' molecule which smells clean. A super clean and fresh fragrance which packs a punch."

Fragrance Notes
Orange zest and cristallfizz
Rosemary and ginger
Tree moss and musk

PERFUMER - Dominique Ropion

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Strong Me

Paco Rabanne Strong Me - Woody fruity scent
"Strong me is a unisex eau de parfum. Smooth, woody. The accord: Paco Rabanne has created an intense black fruit fragrance. Plum liqueur is combined with the metallic vibrations of amber wood. Addictive vanilla scent. Tension between smooth and vibrant notes."

Fragrance Notes
Rum and davana
Vanilla and black plum
Amber wood and benzoin

PERFUMER - Fabrice Pellegrin

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Fragrance

Paco Rabanne Pacollection - new fragrance details

Six Pacollection perfumes, six shocks of fragrance. Unisex. A soft and light bottle. Chromed metal. Frankish colors. Minimal design, maximum expression.

Crazy Me - Electrifying floral
The intention: a paradoxical mimosa flower.
The velvety notes of mimosa. The enveloping fragrance of sandalwood. Surprise. Wasabi contrasts with this rather languid mellowness. A spicy green effect and a hint of sharpness. Paradoxical fragrance for men and women?
Crazy me, unisex eau de parfum. Electrifying flower. A touch of wasabi, velvety mimosa. Soft and sharp. A floral fragrance, transformed by Paco Rabanne.

Dangerous Me - Sensory oriental fragrance.
The intention: an ink/vanilla tattoo fragrance.
A feeling of ink, texturised with grey amber. multiple ingredients. Mineral, woody, musky. Very appealing. The skin is enveloped in vanilla. And vibrates with the contrasting scent of cedar. An undulating effect, like Rabanne's chainmail fabric. A fragrance for men and women.
Dangerous me, unisex eau de parfum. Indelible oriental. Vanilla-infused ink. Grey amber. Woody vibrations. Paco Rabanne's tattoo fragrance for men and women.

Erotic Me - Milky leather fragrance.
The intention: skin-on-skin sensations.
A floral leather, almost wild, with notes of peach. The ultimate osmanthus. A milky accord, contrasting with a touch of incense. A feeling of soft, supple leather. A fragrance for men and women. Warm. Velvety. Incredibly sensual.
Erotic me, unisex eu de parfum. Milky leather. Osmanthus, floral leather. Velvety, milky accord. Warm, sultry, sensual. A skin-to-skin fragrance by Paco Rabanne.

Fabulous Me - Coppery oriental fragrance.
The intention: an abstract copper wood.
Densely shimmering notes of wood. Sandalwood, cedar. Combined with colourful plant notes. An accord of pumpkin, with its soft orange flesh. Green and beautifully fresh rhubarb. A warm vanilla background. A uniquely charming unisex fragrance.
Fabulous me, unisex eau de parfum. Pumpkin and rhubarb. Glossy wood and copper. Coppery oriental fragrance. An abstraction by Paco Rabanne

Genius Me - Fresh aldehydic.
The intention: a powerful metal cologne.
Uppercut fragrance with two different takes on a fresh scent. Natural take: citrus. A zingy orange zest. Rosemary and tree moss in addition. Futuristic take: clean. With cristallfizz™, a molecule taken from washing powder. A fresh fragrance for a super clean effect. Flashes of metal.
Fresh, powerful fragrance. clean notes. Metallic cologne by Paco Rabanne. Genius me, unisex eau de parfum. Fresh aldehydic. Orange zest, cristallfizz.

Strong Me - A smooth, woody fragrance.
The intention: intense black fruit, coated in metal.
A dark, sweet plum, combined with heady davana. A vanilla pod for an intense addiction. An incredibly sensual unisex fragrance. Beautifully smooth, contrasted with vibrant amber wood and its warm metal notes.
Strong me, unisex eau de parfum. Smooth, woody. Plum liqueur. Vibrant metal. Amber wood and vanilla. An intense black fruit fragrance by Paco Rabanne.

(Source:, March 2020)

The fragrance collection campaign ads, directed by Julien Dossena, feature a set of young influential figures: model and dancer Alton Mason (Strong Me), singer Kelela (Fabulous Me), actress Dree Hemingway (Dangerous Me), DJ Bambounou (Genius Me), Korean model Hyunji Shin (Crazy Me), and skateboarder Evan Mock (Erotic Me). View the video commercial.

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Ad

The eau de parfum sprays for Paco Rabanne Pacollection sell at $82 for 2.1 oz. each at Macy's.

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Eau de Parfum

Paco Rabanne Pacollection - Fragrance Editorials

Paco Rabanne Pacollection Perfume editorial Allure
Allure - February 2020
Paco Rabanne Pacollection

Art of Glass - Behind fragrance's most iconic bottles.

Behind The Glass
They story behind a perfume bottle is just as heady and complex as the fragrance inside. We asked designers who have dreamed up our favorite bottles in recent years to distill their creative vision.

PACO RABANNE Crazy Me, $82
Jerome Leloup is general manager of the French fashion and beauty label Paco Rabanne. Based in Paris, he oversaw the development of Pacollection, a line of six unisex fragrances housed in flexible bottles.

"Our first fragrance - it just celebrated its 50th anniversary - is called Calandre, the French word for the metal grille on the front section of a car. It was a game changer because it explored new territory. Pacollection embodies this same spirit. The inspiration for the soft, unbreakable bottles comes from the freeze-dried meal pouches that NASA sends into space. The design is playful, but there's a practical dimension - it's easy to carry in a bag or suitcase. It's truly nomadic. We wanted to reinvent how people enjoy perfume. The bottle's gentle feel places it at the center of the fragrance experience. It's a totally different approach." --Jerome Leloup

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(Schaffner, Liana. "Art of Glass." Allure Feb. 2020: 80-85)

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