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Regime des Fleurs fragrance and perfume list.

Regime des Fleurs fragrances: A niche fragrance line founded by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods in 2014. Learn more

Regime des Fleurs Perfumes (by year launched)

  • 2016
    • Pour Tous: Cacti | Falling Trees | Glass Blooms | Gold Leaves | Willows
  • 2015
    • The Ballads: Fauna
    • The Epics: Floralia
    • The Lyrics: Freeworld
  • 2014
    • The Ballads: Bel Epoq | Dove Grey
    • The Epics: Nymphaea Caerulea
    • The Lyrics: Nitesurf | Turquoise | Water Wood

Regime des Fleurs - fragrance house

Ezra Woods and Alia Raza, Regime des Fleurs founders

About Regime des Fleurs
Régime des Fleurs is a niche line of fragrances created by filmmaker Alia Raza and stylist Ezra Woods. The two friends bonded over their love of flowers and perfume, and founded the company in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. They debuted a collection of six handmade perfumes in March 2014. The fragrances were launched in three tiers: the Lyrics, the Ballads, and the Epic.

"Fait Main - Exquisite small-batch perfumes, formulated and handmade by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, from the most rare and precious aromatic materials on Earth."

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Regime des Fleurs Perfumes

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