Sun Shower - perfume for women

Sun Shower by Skylar is a fresh floral fragrance for women. Lemon greens and meadow greens blend together with jasmine tea for a cool citrusy scent reminiscent of "a soft rain sparkled across a dazzling sky." This refreshing dewy perfume is April showers in a bottle. Available in a eau de toilette spray and launched in 2020.

Skylar Sun Shower
Skylar Sun Shower
Fresh Floral
Top notes - Lemon leaves
Heart notes - Jasmine tea
Base notes - Meadow greens

Launched - April 2020

Skylar Sun Shower - fragrance details

SKYLAR SUN SHOWER - Cool. Citrus. Dewy.
April showers bring May flowers and revitalize the delicate scents of nature. Bright notes of lemon leaves balance the soothing jasmine tea beautifully to give a perfect blend of fresh florals and a spring warmth.

Refresh and renew.
"A soft rain sparkled across a dazzling sky. She stepped outside refreshed and ready for the day."
Refresh your senses with this fun, citrus scent. Dewy notes of lemon leaves and meadow greens mingle happily with clean notes of jasmine to make Sunshower the ultimate renewing scent. As April showers mingle with the sunshine of springtime, you'll be ready to enjoy the warmer days to come.

Inspired by renewing showers of the Spring season, subtle floral aromas remind us of that moment when the sun peeks out of the clouds after a long morning of rain.

(Source:, Apr. 2020)

Skylar Sun Shower Perfume

The fresh floral Skylar Sun Shower fragrance is available in an eau de toilette rollerball, $78 for 1.7 oz. and $29 for 0.33 oz. (Sephora) Matching body products may be available.

Skylar Sun Shower Fragrance Ad

We're soaking in the rays (indoors) and the fresh smell of our April scent - SUN SHOWER. Carrying bright notes of lemon leaves balanced by soothing jasmine tea, this scent will bring you the perfect blend of fresh florals and a spring warmth.

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