The Body Shop Eau de Toilette Collection Perfume

The Body Shop Eau de Toilette Collection - eau de toilette for women

Eau de Toilettes by The Body Shop - Eau de toilette perfumes of thier body line product fragrances.

Perfume House The Body Shop
Introduced January 2013
Tagline --
Scent Classification Coconut | Mango | Moringa | Pink Grapefruit | Satsuma | Shea | Strawberry | Vanilla
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes See below for available scents
Package Designer --
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Available Products The Body Shop - Eau de Toilette 1oz / $14
The Body Shop - Bath & Body Collection

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available scents

The Body Shop Coconut perfume
Tropical, creamy scent
Notes - coconut extract
The Body Shop Mango perfume
Light, exotic scent
Notes - mango extract
The Body Shop Moringa perfume
Delicate, floral scent
Notes - moringa extract
The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit perfume
Pink Grapefruit
Fresh, citrusy scent
Notes - pink grapefruit extract
The Body Shop Satsuma perfume
Zingy, energizing scent
Notes - satsuma extract
The Body Shop Shea perfume
Subtle nutty scent
Notes - shea butter, vanilla extract
The Body Shop Strawberry perfume
Sweet, fruity scent
Notes - strawberry extract
The Body Shop Vanilla perfume
Warm, seductive gourmet scent
Notes - vanilla extract

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