Moon Glory - unisex fragrance

Moon Glory by The Harmonist is a new floral woody fragrance. As the first half of the new Prequel Collection, this scent of the Moon represents Yin energy. Perfumer Guillaume Flavigny crafted this feminine scent with notes of Hawaiian jasmine, Comoros ylang-ylang, and Chinese lychee on top of Mexican Queen of the Night flower, French Guyana passionflower, and organic honey from Laos, resting on a base of Japanese hinoki wood, Peruvian balsam, and Australian sandalwood. The refillable The Harmonist perfume bottle is showcased in a opaque silver metallic sheen and adorned with celestial designs created by tattoo artist Dr. Woo. The luminous warm floral perfume was launched in 2020 and is available in a parfum spray.

The Harmonist Moon Glory
The Harmonist Moon Glory
Floral Woody
Top notes - Lychee, jasmine, ylang-ylang
Heart notes - Queen of the night, passionflower, honey
Base notes - Hinoki wood, balsam, sandalwood

Perfumer - Guillaume Flavigny
Launched - March 2020

The Harmonist Moon Glory - fragrance details

The poetry of the moon, its identification with the feminine, its tidal power, its constant yet changing luminosity: all of these inform Moon Glory, The Harmonist's ode to Yin energy, a lush composition of warm, resinous notes and deep, underlying florals.

Recalling the intoxicating scent of flowers at dusk, this sensual fragrance captures that in-between moment after the sun has disappeared below the horizon, yet before night falls; a fleeting time when the changing light intensifies the scent in the air.

Moon Glory combines ingredients that reflect Yin energy: distinctive Hawaiian Jasmine, the alluring Queen of the Night flower, and sultry Passionflower. Accompanied by notes of Lychee, Organic Honey, and Ylang-ylang, this delicate bouquet is warmed with amber musk. Its complexity reveals itself gradually, like the night sky.

(Source:, Apr. 2020)

The Harmonist Moon Glory Perfume

The new floral woody The Harmonist Moon Glory yin fragrance is available in a Parfum spray, $336 for 1.7 oz. (Neiman Marcus). The twin yang scent, Sun Force, will launch in Fall 2020.

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