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Yang Collection by The Harmonist is a set of five masculine fragrance. The YANG collection, represented by the five elemental energies of Asian philosophy, includes Velvet Fire, Desired Earth, Matrix Metal, Sacred Water, and Golden Wood. This collection is the "bright" counterpart to the "dark" Yin Collection of fragrances. The YANG side of the Yin-Yang duality represents the Sun, masculine, active energy. The five elements of Wu Xing, the generative cycle, are interpreted with custom blended scents to represent each element: Fire which creates Earth, Earth that produces Metal, Metal that holds Water, Water which feeds Wood, and Wood which fuels Fire. The Harmonist perfume bottles are refillable and finished in opaque white with black accents. Launched in 2015, the aromatic fragrance collection is available in eau de parfum and parfum sprays.

The Harmonist Yang Collection
The Harmonist Yang Collection
Launched - 2015

The Harmonist Yang Collection - fragrance details

The Harmonist Velvet Fire - Oriental aromatic scent
"A caressing ray of summer sun, this fragrance wraps you in an aura of classy, aromatic essences. Herbs harvested in the South of France - lavender, clary sage and coriander - marry with precious spices from the Orient pulsating with the sensuous warmth of saffron and tobacco leaves. Cypress and petitgrain lemon bring you the sun's brightness while the luxurious silky accord of musk, oud and tonka bean spread an irresistible lasting glow. Velvet Fire - a blaze of passion."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Lavender, clary sage, coriander
Heart - Saffron, tobacco, cypress
Base - Oud, white musk, tonka bean

The Harmonist Desired Earth - Woody aromatic scent
"A lofty mountain peak, that far-off goal desired by many was the inspiration for this creation. A perfume with earthy notes, conjuring images of mist over the Highlands or heather burning on ancient moorlands. A peaty, timeless scent like a good malt whisky, with Japanese shiso leaves and violet leaves bringing a lighter, greener note before you settle into the soothing, smoky comfort of ambrette seeds, cade wood and the musky allure of patchouli. The perfume rounds off with the warm, spicy aroma of Tolu Balsam from Peru. Desired Earth - an immortal, peaty temptation."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Violet leaves, ambrette, shiso leaves
Heart - Immortal flower, single malt accord
Base - Tolu balsam, patchouli, cade wood

The Harmonist Matrix Metal - Aromatic scent
"A perfume forged in the image of gleaming metal, molten metal, still hot, waiting to be moulded yet already with the power to cut. Based on aldehydes, woods and ambers, juniper berries bring a dry, crisp note taken up by the sharp needles of sclarene conifers to give this scent a neat, classy note. Pine, vetiver and amber accords provide glowing undertones of red-hot iron, with a hint of myrrh for smouldering comfort."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Metallic notes, landes pine, saffron
Heart - Juniper berries, sclarene, aldehydes
Base - Myrrh, vetiver, amber notes

The Harmonist Sacred Water - Aquatic aromatic scent
"Calm yet powerful, comforting yet startling, this perfume reflects the ocean: impetuous contrast! Like mighty ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, the marine notes of ozone and iodine become imbued with the essence of healing minerals, granite and volcanic rocks. A quasi mystical scent, a perfume which envelopes you in an invigorating, inspiring aura of sea spray tempered with a hint of peppermint, aquatic mosses and an undercurrent of mineral wood, grey amber and mystique. Sacred Water - an intoxicating meeting of minerals and the ocean."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Peppermint, iodine notes, aldehydes
Heart - Seaweed, marine notes, algae
Base - Cedar, grey amber, ozonic accord

The Harmonist Golden Wood - Woody scent
"A lone tree, strong and reassuring, its rugged exterior hiding a warm, beating heart. Golden accords of elemi resin, yellow mandarin and malted barley flow into a stout heart of oak sweetened with nutty cabreuva from Paraguay with a hint of black pepper, making this a rich, powerful fragrance. Woody, yes, but with the smokey, leathery scent of birch and roast tonka bean like the rough bark of a mighty Redwood. Golden Wood - a majestic tree clad in autumnal gold."

Fragrance Notes
Top - Mandarin, malted barley, elemi pepper
Heart - Cabreuva wood, bee wax, oak
Base - Tonka bean, birch wood, amber

The Harmonist Yang Collection Perfume

The The Harmonist Yang Collection fragrances are each available in a Parfum spray, $295 for 1.7 oz., and an Eau de Parfum spray, $225 for 1.7 oz. (Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman).

The Harmonist Perfume Collection

Whether you seek socializing, creativity, prosperity, status, seduction or wisdom, the sensory Yang fragrances will conveniently help enhance your quest, no matter where you are in the world.


(Source: theharmonist.com, Apr. 2020)

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