Mugler Alien Goddess Intense
Mugler Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum
Floral Ambery Woods
Fragrance Notes
Top notes - Bergamot, coconut cream accord
Heart notes - Jasmine Grandiflorum, jasmine tea
Base notes - Bourbon vanilla, benzoin, cashmeran

Perfumers - Marie Salamagne and Nathalie Lorson
Launched - July 2022

Alien Goddess Intense - perfume

Alien Goddess Intense by Mugler is a floral amber woods fragrance for women. This deepened version of the original Alien Goddess, was created by Firmenich perfumers Marie Salamagne and Nathalie Lorson. This amplified version includes notes of Calabrian bergamot, coconut cream, jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine tea, benzoin, cashmeran, and vanilla bourbon. The classic Mugler Alien perfume bottle features an deep amber ombre color with gold accents. This new scent was launched in 2022 as an eau de parfum. Singer songwriter Willow Smith models for the perfume ads.

A solar floral bouquet
Mugler Alien Goddess Intense Fragrance

An amplified, enveloping and generous olfactory signature, taking Alien Goddess one step further."

Marie Salamagne and Nathalie Lorson, Firmenich

Mugler Alien Goddess Intense - new fragrance details

A new coconut pairing adds an intensely addictive creamy note, whilst the hint of Jasmine tea reinforces the dazzling nature of the floral fragrance. The elegant, woody facets of Benzoin and Cashmeran bring warmth to the Madagascar Vanilla Infusion.

The Scent
A year after Alien Goddess' inspiring release, MUGLER celebrates its aniversary with the introduction of the Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum.
The extraordinary steps into a new dimension.

Fueled by an incandescent light, Alien Goddess' inner strength is limitless.

The olfactory signature and new deep amber bottle push Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum into a universal call for all women to embrace the extraordinary!

The new scent for women amplifies the magnetic notes of Calabrian Bergamot, Jasmine Grandiflorum Superinfusion and Vanilla Bourbon Infusion - signature notes of the original iconic scent - to deliver sensuality and audacity.

The Notes
As the ultimate incarnation of MUGLER's expertise, the fragrance highlight the most fascinating ingredients of a perfumer's palette: three key notes that unfold like three revelations.

  • Dazzling Revelation:
    Instantly recognizable, the tangy and fruity citrus Bergamot notes are softened and sweetened with the intensely addictive cream of Coconut.
  • Glorious Revelation:
    At the heart of this bright fragrance, Alien Goddess' Superinfusion of Jasmine Grandiflorum is paired with a captivating new note of Jasmine Tea.
  • Mesmerizing Revelation:
    Producing fiery pleasure, the Premium Madagascar Vanilla Infusion is warmed with elegant and sensual notes of Benzoin and Cashmeran, an addictive olfactory experience.

The Bottle
A facetted talisman, the iconic Alien bottle is a magical object with which Alien Goddess beautifies the world, a jewel that reveals the vibrant amber color of Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum Intense.

Light pierces the glass' surface in an intense reflection, and adorned with a golden ombré effect to reflect its light, like the promise of sunrise, of an optimistic future, the sensual and vibrant bottle evokes a bright femininity.

The Muse
A modern muse with transcending femininity and a unique fertile energy, Alien Goddess is a burst of light, life and hope unto herself, bringing to the world a new kind of intensity. Willow Smith is one with the flower, whose golden petals bloom around her eyes. The extraordinary has reached a new dimension.

(Source:, July 2022)

Mugler Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum

The new Mugler Alien Goddess Intense perfume is available in an Eau de Parfum spray, $170 for 3 oz., $123 for 2 oz., $97 for 1 oz, and $34 for 0.34 oz. (ULTA, Dillard's, Macy's)

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Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum - The Film - Mugler

Glowing with her own incandescent light, Alien Goddess's inner force has magnified even greater. She creates the extraordinary, bursting with much more intensity and generosity. She has taken her power to new heights. More generous, warmer, with amber notes, the Alien Goddess signature is now amplified to spread even more light to the world.

Embodied by the muse, Willow Smith, the Goddess is now one with her golden flower, symbol of kindness and benevolence. She is a new mystical Goddess, triumphant and proud with a flower that carries an extraordinary power to fertilize the world, embellishing all in her path.

Discover Alien Goddess Intense, the new incandescent floral Eau de Parfum by Mugler.
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(Source:, July 1, 2022)

Mugler Alien Goddess Intense Fragrance Ad featuring Willow Smith

Mugler Alien Goddess Fragrance Collection

The ad campaign for Alien Goddess Intense feature's Mugler model and singer-songwriter Willow Smith, daughter of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith.

Mugler Alien Goddess Fragrance Collection

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