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Thymes Garden Alchemy - cologne for women

Garden Alchemy fragrance collection by Thymes - "Garden Alchemy is where perfumery meets botany in a lush, intoxicating sensory expression. Petals are crushed. Sprigs minced. Nectars juiced. And oils are extracted and distilled to their most authentic, inspired essence. What results are beguiling aromatics, handcrafted fragrances of exquisite originality: Rosemary Sage, Wild Angelica, Lemon Geranium."

Perfume House Thymes
Introduced April 2012
Tagline A Breath of Fresh Air
Scent Classification Lemon Geranium - Citrus | Rosemary Sage - Aromatic | Wild Angelica - Green
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Available Products Thymes Garden Alchemy - Cologne 0.4oz / $18
Thymes Garden Alchemy - Body Mist 3.25oz / $30
Body Souffle, Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath, Candle
Thymes Garden Alchemy Fragrance Collection
Thymes Garden Alchemy Fragrance Collection

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Thymes Lemon Geranium fragrances
Lemon Geranium
"Lemon geranium, its velvety leaves crushed to a tart citrus pulp, draws sweetness from fresh clippings of dewy muguet, succulent honeysuckle and green armoise steeped in earthen tree moss and honeyed Tonka bean."
Thymes Rosemary Sage fragrances
Rosemary Sage
"Freshly snipped hawthorn leaves are muddled with purple clary sage petals and sprigs of cool rosemary on a tonic bed of birchwood, cedar and crystal amber, their resin warmed by the noonday sun."
Thymes Wild Angelica fragrances
Wild Angelica
"Tangled ivy, glossy and creeping, weaves tendrils through a tempest of red magnolia buds, wild angelica, verdant galbanum and dusky violet petals, glistening like dragonfly wings on thermal wisps."

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Thymes Fragrance Mists
Marie Claire - Feb. 2013
Thymes Garden Alchemy Fragrances

The Weekender - Curl-Up Companion
Get comfy! Prepare for a day of deliberate laziness with these necessary luxuries.

Linen spray is a must-have that you didn't know you needed. Thymes Mist for Body & Bed, $30;

("Marie Claire @ Play: The Weekender." Marie Claire Feb. 2013: 110)

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