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Tsi-La Organics fragrances: Natural perfumery and organics, Tsi-La Organics, was founded by aromatherapists Natalie Szapowalo and Annie Morton. They created their "Green Luxury" product line as a healthy alternative to a predominately synthetic fragrance market. Learn more

Tsi-La Organics Perfumes (by year launched)
  • 2009 - Misaki
  • 2007 - Fiori d'Arancio | Fleur Sauvage | Ilang Ilang, Kesu | Kizes | Saqui

Tsi-La Organics - perfume house

Tsi-La Organics founders

About Tsi-La Organics
Tsi-La Organics, a range of multi-functional fragrances, are packed with 'living' and active essential oils to arouse the senses and treat the skin. Tsi-La 'living flower' compounds harness the raw properties of plants and are intertwined with nutrient-rich organic extracts. As the leaders in authentic perfumery, Tsi~La Organics uses only ingredients from the earth to ensure a true holistic experience.
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Customer Service - PO Box 96, Langhorne, PA 19047 - Tel. 1-215-750-9996

Tsi-La Organics Perfumes

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