Kouros - fragrance for men

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent is an aromatic chypre fragrance for men. This "timeless scent" includes notes of coriander, clove, oakmoss, and ambergris. Available in an eau de toilette spray, and housed in a white perfume bottle inspired by Greek columns showcasing silver accents. Yves Saint Laurent Kouros won a FiFi award in 1982.

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros
Yves Saint Laurent Kouros - Eau de toilette
Woody Chypre
Notes - Chypre notes, coriander, clove, oakmoss, ambergris
Perfumers - Pierre Bourdon, Alain de Mourgues
Launched - 1981

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros is available in an eau de toilette spray, $74 for 3.3 oz.

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros Fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent Kouros - fragrance details

A timeless scent of triumphant masculinity, inspired by iconic Greek sculpture of ideal young manhood. First notes of chypre, coriander and clove exhibit an impetuous spirit yet reserved nature. Manly grace and maturity arrive with refined oakmoss and ambergris for a warm, inviting presence and classic character.

(Source: yslbeautyus.com)

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Addition fragrance notes include: bergamot, coriander, artemisia, clary sage; clove, cinnamon, geranium, jasmine, iris, carnation; incense, ambergris, civet, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, honey, leather, musk, and tonka bean.

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