Les Vestiaire des Parfums Oriental Collection - unisex fragrances

Les Vestiaire des Parfums Oriental Collection by Yves Saint Laurent is an oriental fragrance set for men and women. This new collection of perfumes, inspired by Saint Laurent's vacation destinations, include Magnificient Gold, Supreme Bouquet, Splendid Wood, Sleek Suede, and Exquisite Embroidery. Launched in 2017 these five new oriental scents are the latest additions to the original 2015 YSL Le Vestiaire des Parfums fragrance line.

Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection
Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection
Eau de parfum
Launched - September 2017

Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Collection Orientale is a range of 5 fragrances interpreting five oriental inspirations of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent: the Majorelle garden flowers, the architectural gold, the moucharabiehs wood, the precious suede and the artisanal embroideries.

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Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection available in eau de parfum spray, $175 for 2.5 oz. each (Neiman Marcus).

YSL Les Vestiaire des Parfums Oriental Collection

Yves Saint Laurent Oriental Collection - new fragrance details

Exquisite Embroidery
A new fragrance composition this oriental floral perfume was inspired by textiles of the orient.
Notes - Ginger, nutmeg, oriental rose, patchouli, ambergris, oud, musk.
Perfumer - Hamid Merati-Kashani

Inspired by the artisanal oriental embroideries, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent reinvented them with modern patterns. In Exquisite Embroidery, the animalic ambergris evokes a dark and opulent fabric embroidered by a delicate yet opulent rose. Ambergris, opulent rose, delicate."

Magnificient Gold
This new spicy oriental fragrance was inspired by all the gold architectural elements found throughout the orient.
Notes - Pink pepper, saffron, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, oud.
Perfumer - Honorine Blanc

Inspired by the architectural gold of the orient, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent created silhouette of pure gold. In Magnificent Gold, the most precious ingredient, a luminous white oud, enlightens an elegant vanilla pod, creating the feeling of a vibrant gold texture. Luminous white oud, vanilla pod, vibrant gold texture."

Sleek Suede
Moroccan tanned leather was the inspiration behind this warm oriental perfume.
Notes - Cocoa bean, black oud, incense, patchouli, cedar, vanilla.
Perfumer - Mathilde Bijaoui

Inspired by the precious tanned leather of the orient, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent reinvented the suede in his creations. In Sleek Suede, the warm cocoa bean evokes the softness of the finest suede and the black oud wood brings out the powerful scent of tanned leather. Tanned leather, warm cocoa beans, suede, black oud wood"

Splendid Wood
This woody oriental perfume was originally released in 2014 and inspired by Arab architectural elements.
Notes - Incense, cardamom, jasmine sambac, rose, cedar.
Perfumers - Marie Salamage and Amandine Clerc-Marie

Inspired by the moucharabieh of the orient, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent created garments and accessories made out of wood. In Splendid Wood, the fusing cardamom structures the fragrance while the cedar wood enhances a brown oriental palette of colors. Wood, cardamom, cedar wood."

Supreme Bouquet
Originally released in 2013, this floral oriental fragrance was inspired by the opulent flowers of the orient.
Notes - Bergamot, pink pepper, tuberose, ylang-ylang, amber, patchouli.
Perfumer - Dominique Ropion

Inspired by oriental flowers, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent modernized floral print. In Supreme Bouquet, the opulent tuberose is like a rich floral pattern, whereas the delicate Ylang Ylang is a more subtle floral print. Oriental flowers, floral, tuberose, ylang-ylang, subtle."

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