Les Vestiaire des Parfums Collection de Nuit - unisex fragrances

Les Vestiaire des Parfums Collection de Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent is a trio of fragrances inspired by fabrics that instill a sense of luxury and sensuality. The new "by night" collection includes Cuir (leather), Vinyle (vinyl), and Velours (velvet), each of which "interprets one of the couturier's favorite materials." Launched in 2016 the three new unisex perfumes are the latest additions to the original YSL Le Vestiaire des Parfums fragrance line.

Yves Saint Laurent Collection de Nuit
Yves Saint Laurent Collection de Nuit
Eau de parfum
Launched - September 2016

Yves Saint Laurent Collection de Nuit available in eau de parfum spray, $250 for 4.2 oz. each (Neiman Marcus).

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces LE VESTIAIRE DES PARFUMS COLLECTION DE NUIT, which reinterprets the legendary aesthetic of three iconic materials. CUIR, VINYLE and VELOURS are fabrics which when worn on the skin, instill the wearer with a certain sensual poise, a sense of luxe, a desire for detail. Now exemplified in three gender-neutral fragrances, they unleash their magic with a new, intense black elegance.

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Yves Saint Laurent Collection de Nuit

Yves Saint Laurent Collection de Nuit - new fragrance details

Inspired by the creations of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, Le Vestiaire Des Parfums Collection De Nuit is a range of 3 fragrances that each interprets one of the couturier's favorite materials. The architectural Le Vestiaire Des Parfums bottle is revisited and intensified by a black gradient lacquering like a night fabric revealing the skin."


Vinyle Eau de Parfum - Les Vestiaire des Parfums
A new oriental fragrance for women and men inspired by Parisian fashion.
Notes - Pink pepper, bergamot, immortelle flower, myrrh oil, vanilla bean, licorice wood, anise
Perfumer - Juliette Karagueuzoglou
"Vinyle (Vinyl): Like adding a dose of pop energy into an ordinary coat, Vinyle connects Haute Couture to the audacity of the streets. The immortelle flower emerges in an instant, combined with pink pepper to awaken the senses. A swatch of sparkling and intriguing bergamot orange floats freely. Notes of vanilla bean and licorice wood help to create an irresistible chemistry throughout the fragrance. Vinyl's crisp aspect, the way it feels cold to the touch and yet sensually sticks to the skin, is utterly subversive. Vinyl, myrrh, vanilla bean, licorice wood."

Cuir Eau de Parfum YSL
A new leather unisex fragrance for men and women in an eau de parfum spray.
Notes - Saffron, ginger, rum, pipe tobacco, guaiac wood, leather, black tea, osmanthus, oud
Perfumer - Ilias Ermenidis
"Cuir (Leather): The smoky sensuality of guaiac combined with the spicy burn of saffron. The smoky grain of leather revived by the tingle of its patina. Leather, guaiacwood, saffron."

Velours Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent
Velvety oriental unisex fragrance, a new addition to the Les Vestiaire des Parfums collection.
Notes - Black tea, incense, jasmine petals, vanilla, amber woods
Perfumer - Carlos Benaim
"Velours (Velvet): The deep, dark framework of woody ambery notes is softened by the sweetness and voluptuous thickness of vanilla, exuding elegance with an intense caress. Velvet, woody amber, vanilla."

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