Les Vestiaire des Parfums Edition Couture - unisex fragrances

Les Vestiaire des Parfums Edition Couture by Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by YSL "emblematic addresses," this new unisex fragrances collection includes three couture designed woody perfumes. 6 Place Saint Sulpice, one of the oldest Saint Laurent boutiques is a smoky woody scent of hazelnut, labdanum, and leather. 24 rue de l'Universite, home of the the Saint Laurent studios, is a creamy woody fragrance of sandalwood, suede, and incense. 37 rue de Bellechasse, the YSL headquarters, is a woody perfume of oud, incense, benzoin, iris, and musk. Launched in 2017 these new fragrances are the latest additions to the YSL Le Vestiaire des Parfums collection.

Yves Saint Laurent Edition Couture
Yves Saint Laurent Edition Couture
Eau de parfum
Woody fragrances for women and men
Launched - November 2017

Inspired by the emblematic addresses of the YSL wardrobe, Le Vestiaire des Parfum Edition Couture is a collection of three woody fragrances: 6 place Saint Sulpice, 24 rue de l'Université, 37 rue de Bellechasse.

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Yves Saint Laurent Edition Couture available in eau de parfum spray, $250 for 4.2 oz. each (Neiman Marcus).

Yves Saint Laurent Edition Couture

Yves Saint Laurent Edition Couture - new fragrance details

24 Rue de l'Universite Eau de Parfum - Les Vestiaire des Parfums
A new woody and creamy fragrance for women and men inspired by YSL studios.
Notes - Sandalwood, suede, cedarwood, incense
Perfumer - Fabrice Pellegrin
"Today, this 17th century private mansion previously known as Hôtel de Sénecterre is home to the Saint Laurent studios. Here, the collections are imagined, designed and come to life. To reflect the bright, concentrated calm of this destination and the immaculate purity of the white wood, perfume designer Fabrice Pellegrin chose the characteristic creaminess of sandalwood. A suede accord highlights this sensual mellowness, turning creativity into meditation. Cedar forms a peaceful and solid duet with sandalwood, but notes of incense give body to this woody fragrance and subtly reveal a far from innocent underside. Sandalwood, suede, cedar."

37 rue de Bellechasse Eau de Parfum YSL
A new woody iris blend unisex fragrance for men and women in an eau de parfum spray.
Notes - Oud wood, iris, musk, incense, bezoin
Perfumer - Julie Massé and Cécile Matton
"The former Abbey de Penthemont at the 37 RUE DE BELLECHASSE is now the headquarters of SAINT LAURENT. The fragrance pays tribute to this simultaneously sacred and sacrilegious atmosphere, where the High Mass of fashion has replaced religious services. Oud, incense and benzoin give body to this not so wholesome spirit. Mysticism is never far away in these sacrilegious yet nuanced accords. The iris notes ensure a mellow effect completed by the sensuality of musk. Oud, iris, musk."

6 Place Saint Sulpice Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent
Woody unisex fragrance, a new addition to the Les Vestiaire des Parfums collection.
Notes - Bergamot, lavender, saffron, leather, tonka bean
Perfumer - Carlos Benaim
"In the heart of the historical district of the brand, 6 Place Saint Sulpice is home to one of its oldest boutiques of Saint Laurent. The fragrance embodies the strong graphic identity of the place, dressed in black and white sharp tones. The spotlight is given to woody notes and a leather accord. The smoky effect of labdanum with its hazelnut woody aroma coils around a mellow, velvety and sensual leather evoking the sofas of the boutique, like the skin effect of ultra-fine clothes. From this dense darkness emerges the gentle brightness of saffron discreetly blended with bergamot and lavender, whilst a Tonka bean provides an enveloping note, comfortable in a composition that makes you want to try on clothes to feel the effect on your own skin. Leather, saffron, lavender, bergamot, tonka bean."

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