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Essential Mist Diffuser Collection by Air Wick - A new fragrance collection of essential oils and gentle mist diffuser to fragrance your home. The kit is available in Lavender & Almond Blossom or Fresh Water Breeze, and fragrance refills of both along with Mandarin & Sweet Orange, Cinnamon & Crisp Apple, or Peony & Jasmine (0.67 oz.) for up to 45 days on the low setting level. Available at Target and Walmart.

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Fragrance House Air Wick
Introduced January 2018
Scents Cinnamon & Crisp Apple | Fresh Water Breeze | Lavender & Almond Blossom | Mandarin & Sweet Orange | Peony & Jasmine
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Air Wick Essential Mist Diffuser

New AirWick Essential Mist diffuser automatically transforms natural essential oils into a gentle, fragrant mist to surround you with the fresh, calming and delicately sweet fragrance.

New Fragrances

Cinnamon and Crisp Apple - The smell of crisp apples and cinnamon is one of the most authentic memories of childhood: make your home cozy with this memorable blend infused with natural essential oils. Illuminates your favourite moments with a warm touch with every fragrant puff of Air Wick Essential Mist.
Top Notes: Fruity fresh notes of crisp green apple dominate initially with a sprinkling of dry cinnamon spice
Mid Notes: A heart of warm soft pulpy apple, infused with a blend of nutmeg and cinnamon spices
Base Notes: Sweet notes of vanilla sugar wrapped in blonde woods to evoke a warming comfort

Fresh Water Breeze - Capturing the freshness of a cascading waterfall, this natural essential oils infused Fresh Water Breeze fragrance blends airy and sparkling bergamot, with crystal clean aromas of water fruits, spring flowers and sheer musks. Add a radiant and fresh vitality to your home.
Top Notes: Fresh, pure & clean aquatic notes, subtly blended with airy, sparkling bergamot, orange and green fruity aromas
Mid Notes: A delicate and transparent bouquet of flowers; rose, muguet and iris
Base Notes: Musk and peach are comfortable and fluffy complimenting the intense freshness

Lavender and Almond Blossom - As Air Wick Essential Mist gently diffuses this natural essential oils infused fragrance, experience a divine blend of freshness and softness – fresh, herbaceous lavender wrapped with the delicate, sweet and creamy floralcy of almond blossom - bringing you a feeling of joy and serenity; with every fragrant puff of Air Wick Essential Mist.
Top Notes: The divine aroma of lavender is introduced by a fresh accord of orange blossom, lavandin and fresh green leaves
Mid Notes: The heart reveals the distinctive, fresh aromacy of lavender, delicately wrapped with woods
Base Notes: Creamy flowers and sweet notes, evoke the comfortable and delicate character of almond blossom

Mandarin and Sweet Orange - Experience a perfect twist of natural essential oils of grapefruit, sweet orange and green mandarin leaves introducing a bright, energizing citrusy fragrance.
Top Notes: A perfect twist of grapefruit and green mandarin leaves introduces the sparkling and energizing citrus universe
Mid Notes: Notes of sweet orange and the juicy and fruity aromas of mandarin pulp create the delicious heart of the fragrance
Base Notes: Crystallized sugar and musks wrap the succulent juicy, citrus blend making this fragrance sweet and fresh at the same time

Peony and Jasmine - Create a fresh and calm environment at home with this alluring, natural essential oil infused blend of peony in full bloom and delicate white jasmine, for a feeling of harmony and peace at home.
Top Notes: Sophisticated blend of fresh red fruits and transparent floralcy
Mid Notes: Alluring blend of cherry blossom, peony in full bloom and delicate white jasmine petals
Base Notes: Comforting notes of white candyfloss that add a hint of sweetness

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