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Life Scents Spring Collection by Air Wick - A new collection of multi-layered home fragrances for the spring season. This collection includes First Day of Spring, Fresh Sparkling Waterfall, Paradise Retreat, Seaside Escape, Sunny Morning Linen, and Sweet Lavender Days. Available room mist air freshener from Target and Walmart.

Air Wick Life Scents Spring Collection Fragrances

Air Wick Life Scents Spring Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Air Wick
Introduced February 2016
Scents First Day of Spring | Fresh Sparkling Waterfall | Paradise Retreat | Seaside Escape |
Sunny Morning Linen | Sweet Lavender Days
Products Air Wick Life Scents Room Mists - 7.4 oz / $2.74-3.00

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Air Wick Life Scents Spring Collection

New Fragrances

First Day of Spring - cut grass, apple blossom, daffodil (White / Green)
"Awaken your home with a burst of springtime magic with this fresh, floral scent of just cut grass, country orchard apples and spring flowers."

Fresh Sparkling Waterfall - wild berry, mountain streams, blue sage (Green)
"Discover the fresh burst of a sparkling mountain waterfall, blended with aromas of wild berries and rare blue sage."

Paradise Retreat - coconut, almond blossom, cherry (Brown)
"Treat yourself to a touch of paradise with your very own retreat with fresh coconut, sweet almond blossom and traces of cherry."

Seaside Escape - morning sea air, vanilla milkshake, boardwalk (White / Yellow)
"Escape to the soothing surroundings of your favorite seaside with the scents of refreshing morning sea air, a sweet vanilla milkshake and sun-drenched boardwalk."

Sunny Morning Linen - apple blossom, fresh linen, morning sun (Blue)
"Bring home the clean scent of white linen kissed by morning sun, together with a hint of soft apple blossoms."

Sweet Lavender Days - red currant, lavender petals, spun sugar (Purple)
"Bring the radiant freshness of wild lavender into your home with soft lavender petals, bright red currants and sweet spun sugar."

(Source: Press Release. Feb 22, 2016.)

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