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National Park Collection by Air Wick - "Air Wick has searched America's national treasures for the inspiration for our newest scents. Capturing the essense of our favorite scents from nature and allowing you to bring the purest and most authentic fragrances from the outdoors in." --airwick.us

Air Wick National Park Collection
Air Wick National Park Collection Fragrances

Air Wick National Park Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Air Wick
Introduced March 2012
Collection National Park Collection
Scents Available Glacier Bay - Serene Waters
Hawaii - Tropical Sunset
Virgin Islands - Paradise Flowers
Yellowstone - Wildflower Valley
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Air Wick Glacier Bay home fragrances
Glacier Bay - Serene Waters
"Inspired by the oceanic grandeur of Glacier Bay National Park, Serene Waters captures the clean, fresh and soothing fragrances of this Alaskan wilderness."
Air Wick Hawaii home fragrances
Hawaii - Tropical Sunset
"Let the exotic fragrances of fresh mango and sumptuous papaya transport you to a Tropical Sunset on the island paradise of Hawai'I Kaloko - Honokohau National Historical Park."
Air Wick Virgin Islands home fragrances
Virgin Islands - Paradise Flowers
"Be transported to the idyllic tranquility of Virgin Islands National Park. Paradise Flowers evokes delightful notes of native Mimosa, Jasmine and White Rose."
Air Wick Yellowstone home fragrances
Yellowstone - Wildflower Valley
"Bring outdoor freshness into your home with Wildflower Valley, inspired by the green grass and summer meadows of Yellowstone National Park's unspoiled natural habitat."

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