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Holiday Lights Collection by Air Wick - "Brighten Up Your Home This Holiday Season. During winter's darkest chill, there's a bright new way to greet the holiday season. From the welcoming, home-cooked scent of apples and spices, to the comfort of sipping cocoa by the fire, capture the aroma of those special holiday moments with one of 7 limited edition scents. Brighten your holiday by filling your home with the warm, welcoming fragrances of the Winter Lights Collection by Air Wick. Capture the scents of the season and decorate your home with a full range of sever luxurious limited edition scents that are sure to create holiday cheer." --airwick.us

Air Wick Holiday Lights Collection
Air Wick Holiday Lights Collection Fragrances

Air Wick Holiday Lights Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Air Wick
Introduced Winter 2011
Collection Winter Lights Collection
Scents Available Apple & Shimmering Spice
Cocoa & Flickering Fireside
Frosted Pine & Snowflakes
Glistening Cinnamon Rolls
Sweet Nutmeg & Caramel Glow
Winter & Candlelight Warmth
Vanilla Sugar Sparkle
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Home Fragrance Scents

Apple & Shimmering Spice, Air Wick home fragrances
Apple & Shimmering Spice
"Create a dazzling ambiance in your home with the magical scent of sparkling apple and shimmering spices of clove and cinnamon."
Vanilla Sugar Sparkle, Air Wick home fragrances
Vanilla Sugar Sparkle
"Let the magical scent of warm vanilla and sparkling sugar create a dazzling ambiance in your home."

Glistening Cinnamon Rolls, Air Wick home fragrances
Glistening Cinnamon Rolls
"Glistening sugar icing sparkles on a luscious, fresh baked cinnamon roll, warm from the oven."

Winter & Candlelight Warmth, Air Wick home fragrances
Winter & Candlelight Warmth
"The shimmering fresh floral heart of this fragrance is complemented by nuances of rosewood & chamomile."
Sweet Nutmeg & Caramel Glow, Air Wick home fragrances
Sweet Nutmeg & Caramel Glow
"Sweet Caramel dusted with the warming glow of spiced nutmeg illuminate your home."
Cocoa & Flickering Fireside, Air Wick home fragrances
Cocoa & Flickering Fireside
"Let the sweet scent of a crackling wood fire and rich creamy cocoa create a warm glow around your home." (Walmart exclusive)
Frosted Pine & Snowflakes, Air Wick home fragrances
Frosted Pine & Snowflakes
"The scent of fresh green pine boughs covered in the frosty coolness of the first snow." (Target exclusive)

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