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Winter Candle Collection by Avon - This new holiday collection of candles will make the season bright with scents like Christmas Sugar Cookie, First Snowfall, Holiday Hearth, and Winter Sangria. Christmas Suger Cookie features notes of vanilla, buttercream, sugar, and almond. First Snowfall is a fresh bright fragrance of pomegranate, fig, leaves, and woods. Holiday Hearth includes notes of cardemom, cinnamon bark, and balsam. Winter Sangria is a blend of red berries, spruce, and amber. This home fragrance collection is available in scented candles (30 hour burn time) from your Avon representative.

Avon Winter Candle Collection Fragrances

Avon Winter Candle Collection - fragrance info

Fragrance House Avon
Introduced October 2017
Scents Christmas Sugar Cookie | First Snowfall | Holiday Hearth | Winter Sangria
Products 3-Wick Scented Candles 11 oz. / $11.99

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Avon Winter Candle Collection

Light Up the Holidays!

New Fragrances

Christmas Sugar Cookie - Guests will think you’ve been baking all day with the sweet, scrumptious scent filling your home.
Notes: Vanilla, buttercream, sugar, cookie crust, almond

First Snowfall - Light up the holidays and fill your home with the festive scent of the most magical time of the year.
Notes: Pomegranate, succulent fig, autumn leaves accord, warm woods

Holiday Hearth - Light up the holidays and take in the warm scent of sitting fireside on a cold day. (Holiday Spice from 2016)
Notes: Cardamom, cinnamon bark, sandalwood, balsam, vanilla

Winter Sangria - Light up the holidays and fill your home with a fruity, refreshing scent. (Mandarin Cranberry from 2016)
Notes: Red berries, mandarin, spruce, cedarwood, amber

(Source: avon.com - 11/17)

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